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Progress Report (of sorts)

So here’s what I’m up to. In a week or two I’ll be done on the rough draft of The Black Lung Captain, after which I’ll spend a bit of time lying down with cold towels over my wrists and forehead, then I’ll get up and edit it into a proper first draft and give it to my editor sometime in the middle of November. Right on schedule, ’cause I’m a good little author.

After that, I’m not sure what’s next up. Due to publishing deadlines I wrote Malice, Retribution Falls, Havoc and The Black Lung Captain back to back without a break, so I’ve been neglecting my scripts. Maybe I’ll do a bit of screenplay work for a bit. Maybe something with zombies… wait, no. Anyway, what I will do is take a little break while I sort it out. Normally this would be the point when I sling on a backpack and go somewhere in the world I haven’t been, but what with Christmas coming up and plane fares being astronomical that time of year, I’ll probably put it off till early next year. So I’ll get bored after three days and go back to work. I don’t do inactivity well…

Meantime, Malice has just been released in the US. Everyone who hasn’t tasted that little slice of YA fantasy-horror-with-a-graphic-novel-twist, er, go taste it!

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