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The Ascendancy Veil

‘Very well written and packed full of imagination.’ Dreamwatch

‘Confidently vicious… Wooding has a compelling writing style which is almost poetic at times.’ SFX

‘A joy to read: rich, compelling, exotic and action filled.’

‘Saramyr will live far longer in my imagination than any other fantasy that I have read for a long time and I’ll again be reading all three, probably very soon.’ SF Crow’s Nest

‘Absolutely first class and quite brilliant monster creations… brutal and tremendous battle scenes… if you’ve followed The Braided Path this far, you will be more than satisfied with this final telling.’ SFRevu

The Skein of Lament

Chris Wooding is one of the best fantasy writers today. This is one of the most intriguing and original plots teamed with an amazing writing style, making this a must for any fantasy reader.’ Ottakars

The review on this site of The Weavers of Saramyr noted that Chris Wooding is a rising star in fantasy writing today, and this book cements that reputation. Detailed and gripping, this is mature and enjoyable fantasy of a very high calibre.’ Infinity Plus

Fans of Dune will love the clash of the noble houses and all the intrigue, but using fantasy to mirror current affairs is a masterstroke. More, please; this makes the Tolkeinesque style seem old fashioned.’

I am immensely impressed with this series and particularly with this second book.’ SF Crow’s Nest

He is an author with the soul of a poet, the mind of a philosopher and heart of an artist. His work is a pleasure to read.’ SFRevu

Luxurious detail, intricate plot, complex characters – simply awesome.’ The Alien Online

Fantasy in a unique setting. Enjoyable and very original.’ SF Site

The Weavers of Saramyr

Fluid, inviting prose, a cast of intriguing and deftly-drawn characters and a spritely plot that twists and turns engagingly’ SFX

The Weavers of Saramyr is a triumph, and resolutely stands out from the standard fantasy slop… a finely crafted and deeply visual oriental treasure’ Dreamwatch

A marvellous piece of work, with vividly drawn characters and a tight, exciting plot’ Publishing News

A fast-paced tale of adventure and intrigue, with convincing plot turns and plenty of action’ SF Site

Wooding takes care to undercut fantasy cliches with skilful characterisation, an oriental location and complex sexual politics’ Jon Courtenay Grimwood, The Guardian

Chris Wooding’s first foray into adult fantasy gets off to a cracking start… he has a fertile imagination and spins a great yarn, throwing in unexpected twists and turns… his gift for description and breadth of vocabulary must be the envy of many a writer’ Starburst

Chris Wooding is living proof that the British “new wave” of extraordinarily talented young writers is still going strong… a hugely energetic and flavoursome fantasy’ SFRevu

It is like walking into a lush watercolour painting… this isn’t just fantasy, it’s fantastic fantasy!… a really exceptional read’ SF Crow’s Nest

A memorably intense, exotic adult-fantasy debut’

Will blow your doors off…A tour de force that pulls you in and leaves you gaping in amazement.’ SciFiDimensions

Storm Thief

‘Changing points of view, cliffhanger section endings, hair-raising escapes and a bitter betrayal lead to a slam-bang climax and a satisfying, lyrical and surprisingly touching ending… (a) stunning work of speculative fiction.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘Quietly unstoppable would be one way to describe Wooding… a unique, complex, intricately constructed world.’ Publishing News

‘Chris Wooding goes from strength to strength with Storm Thief… vividly imagined characters try to cope with mysterious forces in an action-packed story that can be read on two levels: as a plausible fantasy or an indictment of human behaviour.’ Bookseller

‘Gothic sci-fi with all the compelling paranoia of a fever-based fantasy.’ Books For Keeps

‘A gripping read from the opening chapter… powerful blend of thriller, science fiction and fantasy.’ Times Educational Supplement


Wooding’s explosive visual imagination knows no bounds… soaring from one richly inventive setting to another with the joy of a storyteller who likes to push his characters and his created universe to their limits… Wooding has a macabre imagination of baroque proportions and it is a joy to see it at work’ The Times

This fabulous fantasy has a splendid cast of characters and is full of twists and turns… Wooding writes with confidence and weaves an amazing tale of destiny and the nature of stories’ The Bookseller

A gripping adventure… smartly and sometimes searingly told… this novel’s book-within-a-book double narrative makes it a cut above most teenage fiction’ The Guardian

The prose is beautifully constructed, at once simple and poetic… the overall tone of Poison leaves you in no doubt that this imaginative writer will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years… Poison cannot come more highly recommended’ SFX

Chris Wooding has carved out a niche for himself as a master of writing books that appeal to a wide variety of ages… Poison is a wonderful novel’ Vector

The originality in which he twists conventional expectations is matched by great skill at evoking weird adventure’ The Independent

I loved Poison… we need more books like this’ Shivers

Another delightful offering from one of Britain’s most promising young writers… comes highly recommended’ Dusksite

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray

One of the most intelligent, atmospheric and spine-tingling novels published for teenagers in recent years… breathtakingly brilliant’ The Guardian

The book moves at an astonishing pace, never getting complacent or boring. Wooding takes his heroes through hell and back and readers are along for the ride. This is a simply superb novel, and one which any lover of original Horror should have a look at’ Shivers

This is a stunning and unforgettable novel, rich in imagination and executed with a touch of unforgettable class’

Haunting’s ever-increasing body count and overall creepiness will keep you reading until the fiery end’ USA Today

Shiveringly exciting’ The Times

Enormously inventive and gripping’ Daily Telegraph

An exciting, intriguing and well-paced novel. The suspense and uncertainty were so overwhelming that I had to jump ahead to see if my favourite characters lived to the end. Brilliant!’ Bookseller

Full of chills and thrills of the best kind, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray leaves me with only one overwhelming fear: the possibility of a world where there are no future adventures of Thaniel Fox and friends.’ The Trades

(Wooding) fuses together his best storytelling skills – plotting, atmosphere, shock value – to create a fabulously horrific and ultimately timeless underworld where heroes battle menacing foes to save the world from demonic overthrow.’ School Library Journal