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Word Counts

Out of interest: Retribution Falls: 133,423 The Black Lung Captain: 158,801 The Iron Jackal: 174,904 The Ace Of Skulls (rough draft): 183,609 See the trend there? I’m sure there must be some equation for this. I’m a zesty campaigner versus bloat in F/SF books, and I’m very aware in my own books that any scene […]

The Ace of Skulls is done!

Yes, you heard me.¬†The Ace of Skulls is done. In fact, the whole¬†Ketty Jay series is done. To see it all come together at the end, payoffs that have been five years or so in the making, it’s all rather spooky. All those characters I’ve had in my head all that time. Wow. Those of […]