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The Ace of Skulls is done!

Yes, you heard me. The Ace of Skulls is done. In fact, the whole Ketty Jay series is done. To see it all come together at the end, payoffs that have been five years or so in the making, it’s all rather spooky. All those characters I’ve had in my head all that time. Wow.

Those of you who’ve followed this blog will know that finishing the first write-through is not the end of the process; there’ll be edits, and re-edits, and all kinds of tweaking and bolt-tightening and all of that. But, like… it’s done! I wrote the final line and everything. In fact, the entire finale was written in a frenetic rush amid flat-moving and Christmas and half a dozen other things, and I’ve been so ridiculously busy that all of a sudden it feels like a runaway train just shot off the end of the tracks and is now soaring gracefully through the air and into a very large and very deep canyon.

I’m off out to where beer lives. It seems the sensible thing to do.

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