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Summer Update

Wow, bet you all thought I was dead, didn’t you? As my longtime readers will testify, social media has never really been my thing. I need to get Brandon Sanderson to give me some lessons…

So here’s where we are. Ember Blade 2 is about 1/3rd done, some way north of 100K words (ie I’ve already written a novel’s worth, now I need to write two more novels to make one book). I’m loving what I’ve got but progress has slowed considerably since the start of the year. Firstly, I was getting pretty burned out, and them chapters weren’t coming as easy as they did. Same thing happened during The Iron Jackal when I was writing the Ketty Jay books, and during the last of the Braided Path books: after a certain length of wordage (circa 400K, it seems) I start grinding to a halt and need a break.

That break came along when I got the chance to write for a super awesome AAA videogame, and since the end of March that’s what I’ve been doing. Details will be forthcoming when I’m allowed to but for now that’s all I can give you. What that means is that I’ve got a lot less time to write the Ember Blade sequel, but in reality I was going so slowly anyway that it’s not made much difference to the overall progress. The difference is that before I was spending all day ploughing onward and generating a small amount of words and a lot of frustration; now I write joyous and swift whenever I get the chance.

No doubt there will be some disappointed readers out there unhappy at the news, but with books this size – for me, at least – this was always going to be a marathon, not a sprint. On a more positive note, I’m not a big rewriter these days so I’m not likely to be going back and reworking huge chunks of it once it is done. Part of the reason it takes so long is that I spend a lot of time planning and worldbuilding. Plus it’s looking like 300K or so, same size as the last, so when you get the book it’s like getting two books in one 😀

Happy summer, everyone!


  1. Isoke says:

    Idk if you’ve answered this question but will there be any hope for a continuation of Pandemonium

  2. Dave Harrison says:

    Hi Chris
    Great to know you’re alive and that you’re batteries have been recharged. Really looking forward to Ember Blade 2. Hope you can drop a hint about the video game soon.

  3. Anat Yanir says:

    Dear Mr. Wooding.
    I am from Israel.
    Just finished ‘The Ember Blade’. I loved it! Good solid epic. Even though the elements are familliar – enjoyed the good word building and language.
    Cannot wait long enough for number 2.
    Would very much like to know when will it be published.
    Thank you.

  4. Trevor says:

    Just finished Ember Blade and thought I would look you up and see if there would be a book 2. Great news that there will be! I listened to it on Audible and just wanted to thank you for a really good story. The last 30 minutes brought tears to my eyes. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Rob says:


    I’m sure you probably get hounded all the time about completing Ember Blade 2. I just wanted to say that all of us fans may be chomping at the bit, but I feel it’s safe to say that we would all prefer you to take whatever time you need to not burn yourself out and be able to produce a continuation of an already amazing story that you can also be proud of and know that you put your best into. Authors go through a lot more, and are subject to a lot more stress, than people give them credit for. Not to mention I bet you’d like to be able to supply a book just as much as we want it, but I wouldn’t trade quality for speed any day. So blow off all the impatience and you do you. The world building is phenomenal and the characters you have created actually FEEL like people. I haven’t been so invested in a books world and cast in a long time. I appreciate the time and effort put into this first book.

    So here’s to Ember Blade 2; when it’s full, complete, and as alive as the first one. Not a minute sooner!

    I appreciate all the work you do for your readers.
    Thank you,


  6. James says:

    Love the book, any updates yet?

  7. Adam says:

    Hi Chris,

    EMBER BLADE was by far my favourite book of 2019. I’ve had a really rough year, health wise, and this took me away from it all and gave me life.

    I can’t wait for book 2 and glad you’re taking your time to do it.
    It’s going to be marvelous

  8. Adam says:

    Hi Chris,

    EMBER BLADE was by far my favourite book of 2019. I’ve had a really rough year, health wise, and this took me away from it all and gave me life.

    I can’t wait for book 2 and glad you’re taking your time to do it.
    It’s going to be marvelous

  9. Stephanie says:

    Just finished Ember Blade on Audible. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am eager for the sequel! As a gamer, it’s exciting to hear you are involved with an upcoming game…based on how much I liked Ember Blade, I’m sure you’ll be giving the gaming world an excellent storyline to enjoy! Anxiously awaiting Book 2 of Ember Blade!

  10. Atticus says:

    Fellow author here – wanted to wish you luck. Know the feeling of fatigue. Loved the Ketty Jay books. I’ve got Ember Blade on my shelve ready to be read.

  11. Mary Jo Pierce says:

    Finish the damn book boy…quit your whining and put your big girl panties on. I don’t want to seem ungrateful or rude but I’m not getting any younger here Mr. Wooding and I’d like to be able to actually read book two before I freaking die from old age. So hey go up to a mountain getaway somewhere and let your mind run wild my brother. You’ve done it before so I am sure you can’t do it again. Thanks Chris, Mary Jo

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