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Ember Blade Map and where I am right now…

Happy New Year!

Time for one of my hyper infrequent blog updates! Well, I’m about 20-odd chapters into the sequel to the Ember Blade, but a large chunk of time was spent upfront planning the whole thing so it’s not going quite as slowly as it might seem. That’s probably about one-fifth; I’m hoping it won’t be quite as long as its predecessor and certainly no longer, but who know what the gods of epic fantasy will decree? I’m also working on a ton of other stuff that as ever I can’t talk about just because.

One of those things that I CAN, however, talk about is that I spent several months of last year working as a Narrative Consultant on The Creative Assembly’s new video game IP, helping with worldbuilding, story and character design, and all kinds of goodies thereabouts. I can’t tell you anything more about the game since it’s not been announced yet but it’s gonna be soooo good!

The Ember Blade has had a slew, a veritable SLEW of rave reviews by the way, so if you haven’t bought it yet, you are objectively on the wrong side of history and should correct this immediately by buying it here. And if you’ve read it and enjoyed it, and you want to do me a favour and give it a review on Amazon at that same link, that’d help me out loads.

I had a request on Twitter to post a map up as it’s not easy to enjoy maps on an ebook, so here it is. Unfortunately it’s a pdf so you’ll need to click the link to download it. I promise no spybots will swarm your computer when you do. Promise.


Have a good 2019!


  1. Dave Harrison says:

    Happy New Year Chris.
    Have read the Ember Blade, loved it, cant wait for the next book. I am a big fan, have read and re-read the Ketty Jay series and actually appreciate that you put so much work into your writing instead of blog updates. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

  2. Cheyenne Paul says:

    Chris, will you marry me?

  3. pink sheets says:

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    read articles or reviews, but this website offers quality based writing.

  4. Josh Wylie says:

    Hi Chris! I’ve just finished reading The Ember Blade. What an epic tale that was! I was instantly gripped! The characters, storyline and plot twists kept me engaged throughout so much that I just couldn’t put it down. The imagery of the world was incredibly real and I cannot wait for the next part of what is surely destined to be a breathtaking and record-breaking trilogy!

  5. Dean. B says:

    Man, just wanted to say how proud I am of and for you, that you’re gettin such sterling reviews – I just perused a few over on and man, well done, and I really look forward to havin some spare cash so that I can support and get onto this one as well.

    Congrats again and power to you with the next one Sir Wooding.


  6. Jess says:

    Fantastic read. Great talent for maintaining suspense uncertainty. Writing skills rank with the best. Thanks and get sequel finished

  7. Derek says:

    Greatly enjoyed “The Ember Blade.” Can you give us a rough timeline of when other books in the series will be released? Is it a trilogy? Please don’t leave us hanging like George R.R. Martin has. Or sell the rights to HBO before the series is complete.

  8. Matthew says:


    Man, I just finished the audiobook of the ember blade and I have to say it was amazing. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. The ending though was especially amazing and I was hanging on the edge of every word up until the final few sentences. Just wow. Great work.

  9. Chris says:

    Im new reading this… but I find really hard understanding the caracters…. it’s like it was ment that I should k ow them already… I mean is there or is it going to be something before?… like for example… lord of the rings have the hobbit… which explains the beginning…. in this book the 2nd chapter starts talking about Aren.. so am I supose to know him already? Sorry to bother, … thanks

  10. Brian says:

    Chris, I’ve spent the last 40 years of my life reading the best (and worst) Fantasy works out there. I have to say that I have thoroughly loved The Ember Blade and count it as one of the best modern “Epic Fantasy” books written within the past 15 years. You don’t overuse profanity in order to disguise a lack of literary talent like most modern authors, you don’t change POV’s every whip-stitch in order to confuse readers, and you don’t neglect to give secondary characters some background and depth which would have “cheapened” the experience of reading your book. Please feed us more!! God bless and take care!!

  11. matt says:

    The Ember Blade was fantastic and I’m excited for book 2.

  12. Don says:

    Great book Chris not like a lot of junk that is out there . Waiting for the next one. Don

  13. Josh says:

    Greetings Mr. Wooding!
    Seeing as it’s been about a year since the last update I was curious how progress has been on book two. All the best to you and yours in the new year! I’m a big fan of your work!
    Thanks, Josh

  14. William says:

    Reading and liking the ember blade. Cant find a guesstimate for book 2 release or a title. Any rough predictions for release?

  15. david says:

    Purchased Ember Blade last year and it is absolutely a brilliant read. How does one get notified on the sequel so I get it asap.

    All the best and keep up the good work.


  16. Mat Fisher says:

    Given the world wide pandemic, I hope someone is taking the time to finish up book 2… Chris, are you ok?

  17. Dave says:

    hi Just finished Ember Blade. absolutely blown away! cant wait for book 2.

  18. Leonson Newby says:

    This was an amazing read; I really love the story and characters. Any updates on when book 2 will be completed?

  19. Jill Summer says:

    In my 70s introduced my sons to fantasy when they were babies. New Zealand needs your story to be made into a movie. Rusty (son) worked on the Hobbit and wants to do same for you. Please come.
    Just reread The Ember Blade again…. holding breath for No 2. Hoping you all all you love are safe and well. Jill Summer

  20. April Jackson says:

    Loved the ember blade!! It’s gotten me through my Covid quarantine!! Looking forward to book 2!! Projected date yet?? ❤️

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