Chris Wooding The Skein of Lament

The Skein of Lament

The Skein of Lament - Book Two of the Braided Path (2004)

The Skein of Lament - Book Two of the Braided Path (2004)

It’s very hard to find anything to say about this book that won’t include plot spoilers, because while each book of The Braided Path can be read alone, they are actually three acts in one continuous story and far too interlinked to allow me to talk about events in the second book without revealing what happened in the first. Even if I flagged the spoilers up I suspect people would peek anyway. So I’ll keep this short and vague.

Suffice to say that Skein widens the scope of the conflict introduced in
Weavers and provides answers to some of the questions raised in Book One.
We get to meet some new players in the game as the action spreads out of northwest
Saramyr and off the continent entirely. The stakes are higher, the scale is
bigger, and in Skein we begin to see glimpses of what the Braided Path sequence
is really about. And it’s not what you think…

This is the longest book I’ve ever written thus far, due to the various
intersecting plotlines, but surprisingly everything fell together very neatly
for me in the creation of this story, and it was a smooth and easy ride compared
to the protracted and awkward breech-birth of Weavers. You never can tell
with books.

Oh, and one last thing: it’s pronounced skayne, not skeen. Just so
you know 😉

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