Chris Wooding The Ascendancy Veil

The Ascendancy Veil

The Ascendancy Veil - Book Three of the Braided Path (2005)

The Ascendancy Veil – Book Three of the Braided Path (2005)

As with The Skein Of Lament, I’ll keep this synopsis brief so as not to blow the surprises (and there are many, oh yes).

This is the concluding chapter of The Braided Path trilogy, and the one with the biggest explosions, naturally. The land of Saramyr is tipping into apocalypse, and the principal players in the trilogy have to face what they have become. The secrets of the Weavers are unearthed and the truth is far worse than anyone had imagined. The greatest conflict the continent has ever seen has reached its climax, and only blood can slip the knot. The question is, will there be anything left when the smoke clears?

The Braided Path trilogy took me about three years to write, but I had to get it out of my system. I’d always wanted to write an epic fantasy as they were the first books I really fell in love with; but of course I wanted to do it my way, because by the time I grew up I was pretty bored with dragons and wizards and was wondering why everybody uses stock monsters and the old Dungeons and Dragons system of elf/dwarf/goblin, instead of using five-headed acid-spitting photovores that can iridesce their way through space-time – ie, something faintly original. (I did have several better ideas than that, but I deleted them cos I want to use them myself later) TBP is an attempt to do something original within the trad-fantasy structure, ‘cause it’s a genre that is flailing its way toward the nearest tar pit to become extinct if people don’t stop writing the same book over and over again.

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