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Forbidden Planet’s Latest Uber Sign-fest. And Me!

Thursday 26th November. A date that will go down in infamy. No longer are authors content to sit in spidery warehouses glaring balefully into the middle distance while waiting for the occasional meek passer-by to shuffle up with a coffee-mug-stained copy of their latest tome. No, I say! Now we make it a party!

Yeah, enough preamble. So on the 26th of next month, from 6pm on, there will be an informal gathering/fan meet/book signing/whatever at Forbidden Planet in London. Along with myself will be Adam Roberts, David Deveraux, Justina Robson and Paul McAuley, but if previous events are anything to go by then a bunch of other SF/fantasy authors may well be dropping in as well. We authors like to flock, you see. It gives us power. We’ll probably mill about for an hour or two then razz off to the pub to humiliate ourselves, a spectacle to which all are invited. So if any of you are still hanging on to the dregs of the notion that being an author makes you cool in any way, do come by and find out the truth.

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