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Retribution Y’all

Gather round, gather round. I am very, very (times infinity plus two) pleased to finally announce that Retribution Falls and The Black Lung Captain will be released in the US by Spectra, a division of the mighty Random House. The intention is to publish them back-to-back in paperback in October and November 2011. Obviously that’s, like, way far from now and if you’re reading this in the US then you are no doubt already navigating towards The Book Depository with credit card in hand, appalled by the vast gulf of time stretching between you and the moment when said books are nestled in your sticky mitts. But I’m still very happy about it, so there.

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  1. Iain Henderson says:

    Dear Chris

    You will not remember me I’m sure but I am married to Patricia Henderson (Ne Coxon) from your days at De Lisle School. She still has the book you dedicated to her and Terry Everly. Tricia will retire this year and I am trying to organise a party for her on the evening of May 27th for all the people that have meant the most over the years. She knows nothing of this but I’m sure would love to see you again. Would you be able to come?


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