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Waaaa! Don’t you just want to run around waving your hands in the air and yelling nonsense? No? Oh, ok. Well then, allow me to inform you that Pandemonium has been released in the US.

Dreadfully exciting, no? I have noooo idea if or when it’ll be released in other territories though, including the UK. Does anyone know of a US equivalent of that does free international shipping for my poor beleaguered countryfolk?

Also, I’m in the home stretch on Silver, and it’s minus six billion outside which means my hands have frozen into frosty claws.

That is all.


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  2. ThePyroKing says:

    I enjoyed the story but I still wonder if there will be a second part to it please answer back if you now the answer to it.

  3. Kitty says:

    Is there going to be a second book I have read Pandemonium 5 times now and I am stumped on the ending!!

  4. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:

    His publishers don’t want to make one. So as far as we know, no.

  5. SilverStorm says:

    Sooo will there be a sequel?

  6. jamarious d.m says:

    please make a sequel I’ve been waiting a while

  7. Alyssa says:

    Hello, I used to love this graphics novel back when it was released. I’m a university student now and it’s sad to see that there isn’t a part 2 of your novel. I know it would be a late release but I really hope you continue this series.

  8. Alyssa says:

    Even if it’s just an online release, even without graphics (Although that would be incomplete) it would be nice to know how it ends.

  9. Gehrig says:

    I remember buying this at my school book fair when it came out. I remember it being my favorite book, though that might just be fond memories. But dude, oh my gosh when will there be a sequel? Obviously I get writing takes time, as I’m a writer myself, but it just ubruptly ends and it’s KILLING ME I WANT A SEQUEL ITS BEEN 4+ YEARS MAN PLEASE, WE ALL WANT IT.

    Thanks, good book btw.

  10. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:

    Ok, I will say this now and once and for all. We do not know if there will be a sequel because Chris’ publishers don’t want to make one. So until we can get scholastic to agree to making a sequel, there will be no sequel.

  11. BOOK LOVER (& rulers of the world) says:

    How can i get in contact with scholastic!!! I need another Pandemonium book, its sooo good & i have read it at least 7 times…

  12. nicole prowd says:

    I love this! I discovered it way back in highschool wjen it was first released in canada and am still waiting with anticipation for the day the next book will be announced. I understand there’s likely factors in the way of that, and it’s ok, I’ll continue waiting, but i really hope the wait pays off someday.

  13. Artemis07 says:

    Please, please, PLEASE make a sequel! I love this book. The story is really interesting and has some great humor, and the art is good as well. It would be so disappointing if the story ended unfinished. I would totally buy a sequel if it came out, so please write one!

  14. avalon says:

    i love this book, i read it when i was in school. Thank you for writing it and publishing!

  15. ScarCat says:

    I found this book in my school library last school year. I totally loved reading it. I love the feeling the story gives off. Really cool. But until now, I’ve been waiting, unsure and oblivious to the fact that this book has actually been released at least 4 years ago. I seriously had no idea. I just can’t help but associate this with the time I found out about and enthusiastically watched literally every episode of Danny Phantom 10 years after it had stopped airing. Honestly. But, really. If this story does someday get a sequel, then I will read it. I will buy it. Just make it happen. (btw I am also a writer, just so you know, so I understand too that writing takes time, but still).

  16. Random Guy says:

    Please make a sequel, it will probaly be succesful, and I would love it.

  17. Super Fan says:

    Please make a sequel I have had this book for over 4 years now and I really would like to read more on what happens next. Please consider and thank you for at least making a first book to begin with.

  18. Colum Darkei says:

    hi im wondering wilk there be another book published i was left on a cliff hanger like what happens next plz right another

  19. Nathania Watanabe says:

    Hi! I enjoyed reading this and caught my attention to borrow a book from our library xD
    I hope you make a book 2 or continuation of this!
    I would really like to know what happen or where is the real Talon! I am hoping for a sequel! :^)

  20. Tiny Fly says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you knew the comic book artists social media, or perhaps where I’d be able to see more of her work. I’ve looked everywhere for Cassandra Diaz online and I can’t seem to find her anywhere. I also really enjoyed this book, and would love to see another chapter! Thanks.

  21. Tiny Fly – sorry, I don’t know any more than you do about that. Best I can suggest is getting in touch with Scholastic US to see if they can give you a lead. Hope that helps.

  22. Sander McDonald says:

    Oof, just re-read for the umpteenth time, really want a sequel. Have you considered a kickstarter to fund it separately?

  23. Billy Bob says:

    @Tiny Fly: The artist’s old website and tumblr are down, but this is her new tumblr.

  24. Elena says:

    I know I and a whole bunch of other people have been wanting and asking for a sequel to this for years, and I think its fine if you end up not ever making one but I think that at least some confirmation about whether or not it will happen would be nice

  25. Brianna stiffler says:


  26. J.D. Tilton says:

    Hi, I first picked up this book at my local library, and once I started reading it, it was hard for me to put it down. And even before I finished it I knew I wanted to own the book-I love it that much. Even my brother- who really isn’t into to fiction, in any form, at least not this kind-loves this book. I’ve seen him read it twice in a row ! Now, I know that whether or not there is even a sequel is out of your hands, and – even though I don’t really like it, I can live with that. But, the thing that gets me is all the unanswered questions – like who is Seifer really, do they ever get prince Talon back, how does Seifer avoid getting married, and who is Seifer’s dad ? Basically, I really would like to know the story, how it progresses and how it all ends. So, now for the reason I’m writing this really long message, is there some way that you could please tell me how the story goes, what you had in mind for the events of the story, and how it ends. This story – even though it no doubt sounds crazy-means a lot to me. Thank you for writing it…….and, I’m sorry if I sound like an obsessed fan.

  27. Cole Rooney says:

    Hi, I remember reading this when I was in second grade in my school library and absolutely loving it. I have probably read it 15 times and I really want a sequel. I was 8 when I first read this and I am now 14 so it would really mean a lot to me if you come out with a second book.

    Please consider this.

  28. Al says:

    I know its been a few years since it was released but I was wondering if you ever plan on making a sequel. The end was nicely ( and comically)wapped up except for the “the end…for now” but I just want to see more of Seifer adjusting to his new life (or old). Where did he get his false memories? Why did he disappear? What happens with the love triangle between him, Cassy and lady Asphyxia? I feel you have so much potential with a sequel to answer all these questions that need answers.
    Hope to see one soon!

  29. Hi. To everyone still posting on this six year old post (!!!) –

    I’ve answered this in many other places but the unfortunate news is that there won’t be a sequel to Pandemonium. I’d really like to do one but the publishers have decided against it, and since it’s they who pay the artist and own the rights and all that stuff, that means my hands are tied. Sorry, everybody. I had three books planned but it seems there will only ever be one.

  30. Omar says:

    Read pandemonium years ago and when I decide to look up the status of its sequel I’m met with terrible news. 🙁
    So essentially the publishers, which are Scholastic, decided to axe the series? That’s sucks.

  31. Artemis07 says:

    I’m sorry to hear that there won’t but a sequel, but thank you for telling us the bad news anyway. I hope you’ll be able to finish the series one day even if it’s not very likely at the moment. I’d still love to hear how you planned to finish the story, if possible. Thanks for writing this great book!

  32. x14akane says:

    I remember when this came out I think I was in the 5th or 6th grade, I loved this book. I still do. I’m in my Junior year of High School now so, hopefully in the future he’ll be able to finish the story he started oh so long ago.

  33. Jazzykitten says:

    Couldn’t you go through a different publisher? Or would that be to difficult?
    Just an idea.

  34. doubless says:

    I read this when I was 14 and I remember absolutely loving it! I’ve read it multiple times but it got buried behind all the new books I got and went missing for years lol. My brother just found it hiding at the back of the shelf again and gosh all the NOSTALGIA. Now at 21, I was trying to search up for a sequel but…. (sobs) I’m shookt that there was 3 books but only 1 got published damn scholastic y u do dis

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  37. Tara says:

    im crying.
    I wAnT a SeQuEl

  38. Laura says:

    Anyone have any idea on how to get in touch with Scholastic? I want to start a petition on getting this series finished. @Chris Wooding, I would love to help get your books published. Maybe we can make a solid case for Scholastic. (

  39. Teresa says:

    Laura, please look into how to get Scholastic to publish book 2 and 3 of Pandemonium! There are so many of us who yearn to know what Chris had in mind for the story.

  40. umm says:

    I love this book. Dear author, How do I get in contact with the publishers????!!! We the readers will bribe and threat-i mean persuade and convince the publishers to release more books in this amazing series! Im serious, what do I need to do to get these publishers to give this a go? ‘-‘

  41. Elijah says:

    I really enjoyed this book. I wish the 2 sequels would’ve gotten published and if we’re lucky, there might be some way to still do it. I wish for the best for the story.

  42. Robert Urquiza says:

    I was in 3rd grade when i saw this book in a school book fair. It was the first book i acctually enjoyed reading and even though its been at least 7 years i still want to know what happens next. Its 2020, the world is on fire, please make a second part.

  43. Karl James says:

    I very much enjoyed the series Tales of the Ketty Jay, but I loved the graphic novel Pandemonium. I’m sorry to hear the other two books you planned won’t be completed. Have you considered asking the publishers to put out further Pandemonium books in another format that might be profitable, such as viewing on-line or through customers purchasing and downloading the ebook? The world needs Pandemonium.

  44. Sophie says:

    I just called scholastic Canada and put in a request to get the 2nd book published. I’m crossing my fingers! I’ve read this book a million times and I’ve had to be patient for other book releases before. I hope this works out!

  45. forsoago says:

    I am soooooooooooooooooo sick of waiting for the second book! I can’t even count how many times I’ve read it. It’s like The Mandalorian all over again, but at least we had a date!

  46. forsoago says:


  47. Christian Jones says:

    I know there most likely won’t be a second book, and that being the case I would like to thank you for making Pandemonium. While it’s crushing beyond belief knowing the story won’t ever be continued, it still holds a special place in my heart and my life. If there was ever a chance for us fans to see any sort of continuation of the series if there is any, things like sketches or plot ideas, im sure it would be more appreciated then you could ever know. Regardless, i thank you again for this book and the endless joy i have had from reading it countless times.

  48. Ruth West says:

    Come on there’s other platforms, formats, whatever,
    why not go to webtoon, manga rock or other places to post continuations
    of pandemonium…*sigh* it’s giving me a headache and heartache to not
    see anymore of Chris wooding & Cassandra diaz hard work.
    It gives sadness that I’m at the age of an full grown adult to not see anymore
    Of pandemonium, it reminds me of the end of spongebob or adventure time
    Or other Nickelodeon shows or feelings of the End of harry potter
    Or other great sad ends.
    I wish apon a star that Chris wooding might have other mangas or comics
    to read from him because 2020-1 is a bumpy ride.

  49. Finch Basket says:

    This book was such a comfort to me growing up, and i hope one day, ill be able to read a sequel

  50. Avon says:

    So funny story. Memories of reading Pandemonium in my childhood hit me randomly and it took me a wild goose chase to remember the name of the book. I reread it again and enjoyed the hell out of it. It sucks that there won’t be a sequel, but in the end the publishers have the final say, I guess.
    Now on a separate note, Cassandra Diaz’s art is really good. I wanted to see if there was more of her art online, but turns out, there is very little of her work that is still viewable on the internet. In fact, I have had the most trouble finding anything from her within the past 11 or so years. It’s a shame because I think her art should be displayed more. The above link to her tumblr post doesn’t work anymore, and her other previous sites aren’t available either. It’s like she’s completely vanished.

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