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Waaaa! Don’t you just want to run around waving your hands in the air and yelling nonsense? No? Oh, ok. Well then, allow me to inform you that Pandemonium has been released in the US.

Dreadfully exciting, no? I have noooo idea if or when it’ll be released in other territories though, including the UK. Does anyone know of a US equivalent of that does free international shipping for my poor beleaguered countryfolk?

Also, I’m in the home stretch on Silver, and it’s minus six billion outside which means my hands have frozen into frosty claws.

That is all.


  1. Anonymous :/ says:

    Hey Mr. Chris! Like all the replies are asking, when will there be a 2nd book of Pandemonium? If you can’t make it, why?

    I just wanted to share that I’ve been doing my best in drawing, in hopes of making comics. Once I reach my art, I was thinking of re-doing your Pandemonium book, but sadly I won’t publish it, ehehe. Of course, it’s against the law of plagiarizing someone’s work, but I really want to redo Pandemonium! I’ve had tons of sketches planned already!

    I won’t be able to do it because of my age, but I hope that I gave some ideas to people who still love the book, and make a 2nd book out of it!

    Mr. Chris Wooding, I hope this won’t make an uproar because of trademarks and copyright, but I do hope you give us the permission to be able to do this!

    All in honor for you! (Pretty cringey I know, hehehe)

    Additional note to the last one, I also made some storyboards and wrote the course of the story in my own perspective, so I really do wish that we’ll be able to make this work.

    – A fan since 2nd grade

  2. Michael says:

    I love your books

  3. Michael says:

    I love your books.

  4. Merlin says:

    Just like the reply above this, I really want a second book of pandemonium, in fact I need it, it’s been 10 years so at this point its probably hopeless, but I absolutely hate cliff hangers especially the ones that the guy can’t hold on any longer and falls (story never continues). I can’t stress enough how badly it hurts to not know what happens between Seifer and the talons fiance or what happens when talon finds out how much seifer has done and how the people love this “improved” prince and maybe it’ll change talon for the better and yk maybe seifers crush finds out at the end that he’s not actually talon and then she doesn’t care because she loves him for who he is. But then there’s the part where his dad is actually part of something much bigger and maybe that’s resolved with a single story of seifers dad telling a story about how the grandma or ruled a kingdom long ago but then a battle happened and the grampa was poisoned during the battle or something hence why he’s loopy. Then the grampa and his son retreated to the mountains and lived there for many years until this thing happened. But then theres the need for an explanation on how his dad/ grampas son got all the tactical training to be able to predict the battle plan and then there the magika… assuming that would be inhereded from the royal past. Personally even I to would help in on the story plot of a second book although then ofc that would ruin my experience of the story but tbh writing the story might be better than reading.

    At this point it having done been 10 years for all I know u could even be alive rn and potentially died in a car crash, or maybe u can’t make a second book because u don’t have a person to illustrate the book due to lack of funds or just can’t find a person in general. But man, I can just dream of the rest up until a certain point of… it’s not in an officall book it’s not drawn our in the art style I love and it’s not something I can physically hold and read for an hour. Remember not all books in a series have to be 6 parts long, in fact I’m sure this story could be finished in 2 more books, or even 1 if you don’t plan on stretching this out over a whole life of seifer much like how like one only my favorite series “Amulet” has done.

    But nonetheless this is the end of my rant/plead for a second book. 10 years has passed. There might already be a second book and I just haven’t found it. You might be dead. You might have forgot u wrote this book and moved to a bigger title. You might be on the last chapter of a 1000 page book concluding the whole story (absolutely insane, I’d love that). Or this might be something as simple as you don’t have the time anymore and moved on to a normal life as an everyday person.

    Love the book. And sorry for all the potential grammatical errors in the text I wrote above.(I was quickly writing this in class).

  5. Stephen says:

    Reading all these old comments by people begging for a sequel makes my heart ache with nostalgia like nothing else. I remember reading this book in elementary school when it first came out and loving it so much, and I was sure a sequel was on it’s way down the line. Fast-forward 10+ years and still nothing but memories of reading and rereading on my hour-long bus ride every day.

  6. Austin says:

    Just wanted to throw some love your way! I was going through my book collection to see what I should donate, and I just could not bring myself to get rid of it. It has a special place on my bookshelf, and I reread it consistently, at least 3 or 4 times a year. I had always wanted a sequel, but not everything is meant to be.

  7. Gary says:

    Just like everyone else, I too would love to finally see a sequel to Pandemonium, reading it back in middle school. It’s been ages since, yet every one in awhile, I think about all the books I’ve read back then, and this was definitely one of my favorites. I do hope that a second one will be given the go-ahead to be made.

  8. fan says:

    Make another pandemonium book please

  9. Fan 1 says:


    Mr Chris wooding may I ask for your publishers phone number or email address because we need to have a serious word with them! Who do they think are? Preventing such a good book from getting a sequel ?!! I need to talk to these people right now. I suggest all fans contact the publishing company!

    Thank you

  10. Fan 5 says:


    Mr Chris wooding may I ask for your publishers phone number or email address because we need to have a serious word with them! Who do they think are? Preventing such a good book from getting a sequel ?!! I need to talk to these people right now. I suggest all fans contact the publishing company!

    Thank you

  11. Cole Rooney says:

    First comment of 2023 asking for a sequel. Please man

  12. Koi says:

    Hi, I love this book I found it in the library, and I very much enjoyed it! But if your looking for artist I am up for the challenge!

  13. jan siobhan says:

    hello, i read pandemonium ages ago back when i was still living in the philippines and just wanted to let you know how much i loved it! i still have my copy and it even has a plastic cover! i know ownerships is difficult to navigate, but if you ever decide to release a written version, a gofundme or kickstarter to own the claims/rights to the story, i’ll definitely support it and i’m sure a lot of people will too. sending my love from across the world!

  14. Hiro Nomi says:

    I remember reading this in 2018-2019 on Halloween and absolutely eating it up. Seconding everyone hollering for a sequel, since I don’t remember it having a whole conclusion and would love to seen even a little more of Seifer’s story.

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