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Iron Jackal MMP released, Kindle price drop (er, I think…)

Just a quickie to let anyone who has SOMEHOW MANAGED TO RESTRAIN THEMSELVES from buying The Iron Jackal yet, it’s now out in mass market paperback in the UK, and therefore cheaper. You can get it for just under a fiver in the UK and £4.99 on Kindle (which I assume is a price drop from the trade paperback Kindle edition to fall in line with the MMP). Epub editions are also at £4.99.

US readers, still no news from Spectra on whether it’s coming out on your shores yet (I understand they’re waiting for an outline for Book 4, which I just delivered to my editor like 10 minutes ago). So you can get it for the fractionally more expensive price of £6 (or the equivalent in dollars) at Book Depository. However, since that includes free international shipping it probably actually works out cheaper, or something.

Having spent an eternity plotting out The Ace Of Skulls (Tales of the Ketty Jay 4) to achieve the infinitely complex tesseract of plot, character, drama and good old machine-gunning-people-in-the-face that my hungry readers demand, I’m about ready to get going on it at last.  Although first I have to edit Silver. Anyway, it’s all on schedule and well in hand. I’m planning to deliver by the end of the year, with tentative pub date Sept/Oct 2013, though possibly earlier if the schedule allows.

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