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It’s Eastercon¬†again! This time in London. Residents of Hatton Cross are already barring their doors and sealing up the windows with the blood of a recently baptised goat.

Since it’s in the city where I live there’s really no excuse for me not to turn up and blaze a flaming swathe through the bar area. I shall be attending on the Friday and Saturday, and possibly crawling in on Sunday morning so all can behold my ruined and broken remains, that I may serve as a warning to others. In between I’ll be sitting on a couple of panels, one about constructing and using magic/technological systems in stories and another about worldbuilding, cos I can rattle on about that stuff for ages. Both are on Saturday at the moment, though it’s possible things will be shifted around a bit before the event.

This year George R R Martin is among the guests of honour, so it should be a good ‘un.

See you there!

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