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Retribution Y’all

Gather round, gather round. I am very, very (times infinity plus two) pleased to finally announce that Retribution Falls and The Black Lung Captain will be released in the US by Spectra, a division of the mighty Random House. The intention is to publish them back-to-back in paperback in October and November 2011. Obviously that’s, like, way far from now and if you’re reading this in the US then you are no doubt already navigating towards The Book Depository with credit card in hand, appalled by the vast gulf of time stretching between you and the moment when said books are nestled in your sticky mitts. But I’m still very happy about it, so there.


  1. Zemira says:

    I will most certainly be buying both! And tomorrow I’ll be (hopefully) picking up an American copy of Malice to go with my UK copy. ^_^

  2. Thomas says:

    Awesome, glad to hear we’re finally getting more of your books over here.

    I still need to find a lot of your other books, like the Weavers trilogy and the Fade, over here. I also still need to get a copy of Malice. I really enjoyed Broken Sky and Alaizable Cray, and Storm Thief and Poison were both pretty good too.
    You’re one of my favorite authors. =)

    Speaking of Broken Sky is there any updates on what’s happening with the Broken Sky republishing?

  3. Alana says:

    After a lot of seraching I have finally come across copies of Malice, and Retribution Falls and have REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoyed them. My friends and I really loved Malice and it was such a fun read!!! But I seem to have difficulty trying to find copies of your books in Sydney(Australia), and I usually have to order them over the web or annoy my local libarian to get your books for me. 🙂 My Friends and I can’t wait till Havoc comes out!!!!!!!!!

  4. Summer says:

    Well, I’m sure I’ll buy them, but right now I’m more concerned with paying for my copy of Malice the bookstore put back for me.

  5. Vivian says:

    Not only do I live in the US, but I’m also in an area that doesn’t carry a lot of overseas books. Finding you here is near-on impossible, so I’ve been resolved to amazon/e-bay. Hopefully I’ll be seeing those so I don’t have to pay rediculous shipping, and I can add them to my Chris Wooding collection.

  6. @ Thomas. The Weavers trilogy and the Fade don’t have a US publisher, that’s why you can’t find them. You’ll have to order them from England or Canada, which I guess would be closer and cheaper. I don’t think Scholastic US are planning to do a re-release of Broken Sky in the States, so if you want the bound up editions, it’s the same deal.

  7. Nan Shipley says:


    Who is your literary agent? I am a film scout (Paramount Pictures, Playtone), and I’m trying to speak to your representative.

    Shame on Scholastic, who told me via e-mail that they would respond to me in 2 weeks….

    Regards, Nan Shipley

  8. Hi Nan,

    I’ve sent a reply to your email address.



  9. Zach says:

    Writing off of what Thomas said I really think that you should try as hard as you can to get the Braided Path Trilogy. It was the first book series i read of Chris’s and I read it after i fell in love with The Storm Thief. after that I couldnt get enough and I havent stopped sense. I also live in the U.S. so I had to buy them from Amazon and I did not care how much i payed for shipping. I wanted to read them so bad. I’m trying so hard to get a copy of Retribution Falls and I am currently reading The Broken Sky Series. I have read almost all Chris’s books and because of them I have been inspired to become a great writer and I try to take as much of his advice as possible to improve my own.

  10. Keith says:

    Kind of like zach said i love your your books and really want to become a writer just like you, and i am currently reading the weavers of saramyr and i love it.

  11. Richard says:

    Last summer I was browsing in my local library (Snells Beach, New Zealand) a tad jaded with what there was to offer at the time but came across the Braided Path trilogy in it’s entirety and after reading the first chapter of the ‘Weavers of Saramyr’, I was hooked.

    I’m usually not that fond of the fantasy trilogy concept for the same reasons you have stated elsewhere on your website Chris and agree in most instances it’s all been done before..different characters/same situations. Thanks for breaking the mould!

    Two months ago I bought ‘The Fade’ and was blown away. It’s the best book of any type I have read in quite some time, due to your descriptive writing and plotline. I never wanted it to finish, it was that good! I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of writing a sequel, but to me the ending leaves enough scope for one.

    Currently I’m reading ‘Retribution Falls’ and glad to read that you’ve planned a sequel. I’m only halfway through (Pg 180) and once again I’m immersed in the plot and your well drawn characters. The cover by Stephan Martiniere is brilliant, he’s obviously read it.

    Thanks for renewing my interest in the SF/Fantasy genre

    Richard Mortimer

  12. Jacob says:

    Really want to see a sequel or even prequel to “the fade” as i have to say , amazing book.

  13. Chris says:

    Chris, the first of your books that I’ve read was Storm Thief. I was quite impressed and decided to peak under the cover of poison. After you amazed me again i read Alaizabel which was lovely. I finished Kerosene about a week ago and didn’t think as highly of it as the crazy swirling fantasies I’m used to reading by you but it was still a good read. I am almost finished with Retribution Falls and love it so far and just recieved The Fade and The Braided Path series in the mail. Your imaginative twisting plots of unimaginable worlds has inspired me enough to make me consider an attempt at writing a book of my own. I was hoping for some advice and news on any other books you are planning on writing after The Black Lungs Captain and Havoc. Since I first read Storm Thief I cant open a book unless it is a work of yours. PLEASE contact me at the e-mail I provided with any tips or news. Much appreciated from Chris to Chris.

  14. Owen says:

    Hi, I’m Owen and I’m a really big fan of the book Malice that you wrote and I’m 10. I’m just saying you REALLY should keep your puffy covers (3D covers or what ever they are…:s) I’m saying this because the first time I brought Malice to school my friends (and other class mates) were poking the cover saying it was cool and creepy and a lot of them liked it and kept mentioning how they are going to buy it and show off the cover to their friends… It made it me laugh a bit because I was suddenly popular because of this book… :P!!! All I’m saying is that your 3D covers are getting a lot of popularity on you… I know it cost a lot of money to make them BUT you will still have a lot of people buying your AWESOME book :P! i also liked the idea of your “comic-in-a-book” idea… I CANT WAIT TILL HAVOC COMES OUT! 😀 😀 😀

  15. Terry says:

    Retribution Falls is some of your best work yet. My all time favorite book of yours will always be Storm Thief but the tales of the Ketty Jay run a close second. I’m glad to see your finally bringing this series to the US but I can’t wait so I’m going to just order it asap. I may just end up buying it again just because I love the darn book so much. I hope you make a hundred more Ketty Jay Tales and maybe perhaps a sequel to Storm Thief. Chris, your my favorite author and I always loved your originality and style of writing. If I can ever get it together hopefully one day I can publish one of my many unfinished stories. Your the biggest inspiration when it comes to my writing. Never give up!

  16. corrine berry says:

    omg!! I so totally love all of your books. The first one that i read was Poison and I was hooked. i went an a scavenger hunt to find more of your books. That lead to Storm Theif and then to Malice. Which was totally awesome by the way, but What happens in Havoc? Finish writing it quickly so that i dont become un mystified . I now own poison and had it read out loud on a cd with my mom i dont know if she is hooked or not… but I have read Poison about 10 times and I have only had it in my ownership for a year. Malice took me 2 and a half days to finish…it was such a page turner that i could not take my nose out of it. Last night I stayed up till two oclock trying to finish it. But I was very upset with you when i did because Havoc is not out yet. The suspense is driving me nuts!!! You should totally write a sequal to Poison, because she is the hierophant i dont think she would just stop writing. It would be a good Idea to finish the story…

  17. corrine berry says:

    hi me again…
    I was also thinking that it would be a good idea to turn Poison into a movie. That would be totally awesome. I keep picturing poison chasing after Snapdragon in the woods when she wants to kill the changling. I personally think that I could make a good Peppercorn. I would not have to act when I see the fake blood from the dead dogs in the bone witches home.
    Please e-mail back at

  18. corrine berry says:

    Please hurry up with writing Havoc
    The SUSPENSE is driving me insane

  19. Rose says:

    Home run! Great slguingg with that answer!

  20. Danielle says:

    Hi Chris,
    I’m a big fan of your work! I work out at Universal Studios for a producer and we were wondering who your lit./film rep was?

  21. Hi Danielle. I’ve emailed you with the details.

  22. Timna says:

    Hi Chris

    i love you book storm thief and i really want to know if there is gonna be part 2 .pleas ansewr me on my email address

  23. Timna says:

    p.s. sorry my bad english i am from slovenia ,slovenia is in europe

  24. Timna says:

    oh and i heard that the age range of storm thief is 19 and more but i am 12 years old and i love it

  25. Your English is better than my Slovene 😉

    Glad you like Storm Thief but there won’t be a sequel, I’m afraid. I like the uncertainty of the ending, it’s kind of the point of the book.

  26. Elijah says:

    hey! i really like the books malice and havoc and was really hoping you could somehow make a third one. although i loved the ending i feel like there could be a really cool way to include the lack and queen of cats not getting together as seth and justin make there way back. i love the books and really would love to see a third one. im am also at this moment reading poison and think its a good book aswell.

  27. Sara says:

    Hello, my name is Sara and I read your book Silver. I just finished it a little while ago and normally I hate reading, the only reason I was reading a book was for a school project. So, I chose your book because booked like Silver are the only ones I will read when I have to. But reading yours was different, I actually wanted to read it and when I was I was enjoying it. I have been recommending it to my family and friends. It would also just be really cool if it was made into a movie. I don’t know how you feel about it, and it’s just a suggestion, but I would be sure to see it.

  28. Samantha Pelayo says:

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    Never giving up is always being shown within the novel and two articles. In the novel it is saying, “….having witnessed for themselves the foul partents that had spread across the city, they believed in the evil. The Crimson Fever was spreading fast outside the Lanes, and several had already fallen within, though mercifully they had not infected any others as far as anyone could tell. They knew dark times were upon them, and many of them were relieved to be doing something about it” (Wooding 189). This shows how evil was the symbol of the peoples’ fear, but how they did not give up to drive all of the evil away because they believed in themselves to accomplish getting rid of the evil. Failing is not something they wanted to happen to not let evil and fear take over them. In the article, “7 Reasons Not To Give Up on Your Dreams,” it says, “If you never fall down, you can’t learn how to get back up. Each time we pick ourselves back up and forge through, we get a little bit stronger and more capable of achieving our ultimate goals” (Dewitt 2). Persistence is symbolizing that only something that can be learned is through hardships in life. This is explaining how failing at something that will only make work harder to get stronger to not fail again already knowing what the things done wrong.
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    The theme of never giving up on anything in life are used in these articles, “17 Killer Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up” and “7 Reasons Not To Give Up on Your Dreams,” which is also in the novel, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray. There is a lot of believing in this novel showing that to want something to get done or to happen in life there needs to be no giving up and achieving it. Even failing the first time should just motivation even more to push harder through the obstacles and not make the same mistakes as before using it as a learning experience to be successful and achieve the goal. This novel is showing how many times that Thaniel and Alaizabel went through so many things and thought about giving up so many times. But, they did not give up because they believed that they could achieve everything they started which helped them face everything in the end. The two articles are both showing how to set goals in life for a reason which is to achieve them and not fail. But, failing is just a part of life which is a learning experience to get back up and learn from the mistakes by not making them anymore proving the strength in not being a quitter.

  29. Tate says:


  30. Amanda says:

    Ya What he said

  31. Chay says:

    HEYY CHRIS im still waiting anotxiusly for havoc to come out and everyday i check the internet for a date but it never comes 😀 but ive reread and reread malice over and over again and evan done a couple of book reports on it (A+). i evan recomended it to all of my friends and the librarian of my school and we evan have a couple copies there . im just wondering if u have any idea yet if u know when havoc is coming out in Canada so i can get it asap and read it over and over and over again and i also wanted to know if u were thinking of wrighting a thrid book (it may be ovious when i read havoc though) -:DMACK:D

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  43. Jenn Pittner says:

    I have some third grade students who wrote to you. Is there a mailing address we could have so that you are able to receive these letters. Thank you for your time!

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