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Progress Report (of sorts)

So here’s what I’m up to. In a week or two I’ll be done on the rough draft of The Black Lung Captain, after which I’ll spend a bit of time lying down with cold towels over my wrists and forehead, then I’ll get up and edit it into a proper first draft and give it to my editor sometime in the middle of November. Right on schedule, ’cause I’m a good little author.

After that, I’m not sure what’s next up. Due to publishing deadlines I wrote Malice, Retribution Falls, Havoc and The Black Lung Captain back to back without a break, so I’ve been neglecting my scripts. Maybe I’ll do a bit of screenplay work for a bit. Maybe something with zombies… wait, no. Anyway, what I will do is take a little break while I sort it out. Normally this would be the point when I sling on a backpack and go somewhere in the world I haven’t been, but what with Christmas coming up and plane fares being astronomical that time of year, I’ll probably put it off till early next year. So I’ll get bored after three days and go back to work. I don’t do inactivity well…

Meantime, Malice has just been released in the US. Everyone who hasn’t tasted that little slice of YA fantasy-horror-with-a-graphic-novel-twist, er, go taste it!


  1. Sasha says:

    I loved malice. im in the middle of reading havoc right now and i am actually kind of afraid to finish it because i know i will be all sad in the end because it was so good.i really want u to write a third book cause these books are so creative and fun to read. oh and i loved the way u added in the little internet conversation at alicia’s friends house. i hope i dont seem like a noob!haha
    well just keep doin what u do and writing awesome books 🙂

  2. james says:

    still havent read havoc yet and im so mad cause this damn library doesnt have it yet and doesnt plan on getting it for a while.

  3. Yafet Robel says:

    Dear Mr Woodings,

    I loved Malice and I’m have way through havoc and i just got it yesterday! I just can’t put the book down! I’m a huge fan and encourage you to keep writing these books because they’re so intriguing. Malice is a world where you can creative and anything can happen and I love that aspect. I’m also a big fan of your other novels such as the storm thief. Keep up the good work and thank you for blessing the world with your literature.

    Your biggest fan,

    Yafet Robel

  4. jacki says:

    Dear Chris
    I loved malice and havoc, i couldnt put them down once i started reading them. I think you should write a third book it would be great.

  5. jacki says:

    Dear Chris
    I loved malice and havoc, i couldnt put them down once i started reading them. I think you should write a third book it would be great.
    Biggest fan

  6. Haaziq Walker says:

    Dear Chris
    I have read Malice twice cover to cover, and Havoc once, but i can’t seem to find the nationality of Justin. I figured out every other character’s, but Justin’s eludes me.
    Please help,
    Your NEW biggest fan

  7. Thanks all 🙂

    Haaziq – Justin is English. I don’t think it’s mentioned but you can tell by the way he talks.

  8. Holly says:

    I have Read Malice and it was pretty much my favorite book ever! 🙂 I’m still waiting to go to the bookstore and buy Havoc. Haha cause when I do I’m staying home, getting a mug of hot cocoa and reading it all in one sitting! I really hope you do make more books because there really is nothing else like them out there and they are so entertaining! Good luck with the movie!

  9. Marie says:

    Hello 😀 I LOOOOOVE Malice and Havoc… someone who knows Chris Wooding “Mail” so you can write to him and aks him fr something 🙂

  10. noah says:

    dear chris i am a huge fan of malice and havoc i have read them both and i must say they are quite amazing how you used italics to some how put the kind of voice in your mind of how cruel scratch and tall jake sound was a great way to put a perspective into the readers mind.

  11. noah says:

    any ways i was just wondering if there is going to be a posible 3rd episode because you cant just end the story there how will we know if kady and seth reunight i think you should make another story on how theres something wrong going on inside malice and maby reality two and they have to meet up and solve it again. these are definantly book my kids will read one day!

  12. Vivienne says:


    i wish ibook was compatible with comics ): pooey.. i just read malice for the 3rd time. discovered it in the school library when i was goin over to your section to borrow Storm thief again (EEE WAS SO EXCITED THEY GOT A NEW BOOK BY YOU!!). picked it up cus a) its by chris wooding b) the guy on the cover looks super hot LOL. 😀

  13. Hannah Buckmuller says:

    Hey there, Im a huge fan of yourse and ive read your malice series. I thought Havoc had a great ending but i found that i was still hanging. I wanted to know what happend next. Did Kady see Seth again? And what about the Lack and the Queen of cats, what did they think of Seth and Justins heroic actions? Was he a hero? Was there still somthing bad creeping in Malic. I WANT TO KNOW. You need to help me! I have about 29 people in my class who would love to read more about what happened. Maybe even though Tall Jake has fallen somthing will rise, somthing bad. I Would Love to see another book of the Malice series… Your Biggest Fan
    Hannah, From Bracebridge Public School.

  14. Hannah Buckmuller says:

    And i heard somthing about a movie… is that true?

  15. cheshy wolf says:

    Chris , I can barely speak , your books leave me speakless and jaws wide open … THEY ARE ALL SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is impossible to put any of your books down and as soon as I see the author Chris Wooding … forget everything else THAT BOOK IS MINE XD thanks for your hard work and keep at it … there are millions more hungry for your books <3
    Chesh wolf

  16. Aaron says:

    Hey. I wanted to find a way to contact you, so I googled you and found this, so I decided to go ahead and hope that you read this.

    I am 22 now, and out of impulse, went to my book shelf and dusted off an old classic series from my childhood. I haven’t read these books in years, but I absolutely loved them. I felt a huge surge of nostalgia and decided to try and contact you. When I was in middleschool, I remember reading Broken Sky all the time. I loved this series so much. I remember fondly listening to the Deus Ex soundtrack, and power reading through the series.

    Broken Sky was a huge part of my childhood, so I wanted to thank you for writing these books so many years ago. Thanks man, it means a lot to me that I had the chance to read them. I plan to reread them over the break, just for that dose of sweet nostalgia and child hood memories.

  17. Dear Lord, 166 comments so far on a post that’s 2 years old 😉

    Thanks to all and sundry who said nice things.

    @ Aaron, glad you enjoyed ’em. Nice to hear from an old-timer from back in the day 😉 Seriously, it’s good to know that there were some people out there who treasured them as kids; that feeling is one of the reasons that keeps me writing YA books.

  18. Sabertooth says:

    Dear Chris Wooding,

    I really enjoyed reading Malice and Havoc, and I would like you to write a third part, I want to know what happened whith Seth and Kady!!! Please answer me!!!!

  19. Nathan Lunn says:

    Hi I hope this works as I could not find your address, so please reply back to the comment.
    I am Nathan Lunn and I am 11 years old and I still enjoy your books, and I also understand them as I read Halo and Play it. I am a very big fan along with my your friends and I was very happy to find there was a fourth book coming(the Ace Of Skulls) and I am currently trying to purchase the third book so I can read it.
    The reason I am writing this is because I was wondering if you could make a Film on the Tales Of the ketty Jay as we would find it very interesting and would buy all of them and watch them all, If not then maybe a game on Xbox! Also, If you decide to do it, then could you leave out the swear words.!
    I’d be very grateful if you even answer back as I am a big fan.

    From One of your biggest fans, Nathan Lunn

  20. Jacob says:

    Dear, Chris
    I loved both malice and havoc please make a third book please

  21. Joel says:

    Dear Chris,

    I was going to leave a nostalgic message about Broken Sky, but now see that a Mr. Aaron (December 10th 2011) has already said word for word what I wanted to express! Broken Sky’s political parables surely contributed to my childhood morality and subsequently a world-view. Thanks!

  22. Alayna says:

    Dear Chris
    I loooove malice and havoc I have a couple of questions
    I’d like to ask you and I have read malice and havoc
    So many times I can almost remember all of the lines
    That kady and Seth say I have written a 3 4 5 6 and 7
    Book every night before I go to bed I think how
    Much fun it would be if I was kady it had been
    My dream to be kady so when you have time you can
    Email me at

  23. Alayna says:

    Oh and I have a friend his name is branden Seth Harper and he looks just like Seth in the book

  24. Timna says:

    Dear Chris!

    My name is Timna and I am from Slovenia.Slovenia is in Europe.I am your biggest fan in Slovenia.My favourite book is the Storm thief.I just love this conection between Rail and Moa.So I have question for you.Is there gonna be any sequel (part 2) of the Storm thief?Ireally need to know!Pleas ansewr me on my email address!this is my biggest wish!


  25. Impossibilities says:

    2010?!?!?! 2010?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I must say that Malice and Havoc are way too good for the last post being in 2010! And you should really make a third book. I was heartbroken when Seth and Kady…. Sorry, spoiler. Anyway, you might also want to make this a movie. It would be, how shall I say this, epic.

  26. Impossibilities says:

    Oops. Newfangled inter-net. It appears that the last post was in 2013. But still!

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