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The hawk-eyed among you, or those who spend every free moment on Amazon googling my name (bless your little hearts), might have spotted the curious fact that, like, there’s this book out by me that I’ve barely even mentioned. Well, here’s the lowdown: I wrote PALE a while ago for an imprint called Barrington Stoke, who produce books targeted at reluctant and struggling readers or kids with dyslexia. I haven’t really talked about it much because I thought it was mainly going to be sold to schools and such, and also because I didn’t want it  to be confused with my usual output, since it’s a very different kind of book. But since it’s out there in the big wide world now, it’s time for Pale to take a bow.

Now listen y’all. This book was written for a specialist market. It’s very short, and the language and story are much, much simpler than the books you’re used to reading from me. If you’re curious, or if you’re a completist, or if there’s someone you know who’s a struggling reader and might like this sorta thing, then by all means pick it up; it’s a creepy little sci-fi tale that may tickle your fancy. But if you’re expecting something in the vein of Malice or Alaizabel, you’ll be disappointed. I wouldn’t want anyone spending their hard-earned readies and then being gutted because of the content.

Currently dividing my time between Silver, which is getting near done, and Secret Movie Project no.30300256. Next on the slate is Ketty Jay 4. That’s 2012 taken care of, then…

Happy New Year!



  1. kk says:

    To be honest I’ve only read Poison but I think you’re an amazing writer. Keep writing! You’re amazing!

  2. Ariel says:

    your book was amazing.i was just 8 yrs old reading a book over my grade i am 10 and still remember that amazing book you wrote.

  3. Devora bush says:

    Dear Mr. Wooding,
    my name is Devora Busheri, and I am from Israel. Last year, when my son, Michael, was 10 years old he started working on what he called an “adaptation of Malice to film”. At the time we didn’t really take him seriously, but now – a year later – he has a 45 minute production with a cast of 20 kids from his class. It is beautiful. We would love to show it to you, once we insert English subtitles into it, of course. Can i send you a file, or a disk?
    All the best
    We are most definitely your biggest fans.

  4. Hi Devora,

    That sounds amazing! That’s some endeavour. You can send it to me on a CD or DVD ℅ Publicity Dept, Scholastic Children’s Books, Euston House, 24 Eversholt St, London NW1 1DB.


  5. Devora busheri says:

    Dear Chris,
    Thrilled to hear from you. My son will also be thrilled.
    I am uplaoding the film with subtitles onto youtube with a private link intended for you and Dan Chernett.
    Would it perhaps be possible for you to send me your email? You have mine in your blog.
    i promise never ever to spam you… I just don’t want the link to be too public. I also wrote to Dan Chernett, and will send him the link today. Maybe he can forward you the link? what do you think?
    Thanks, and all the best.


  6. Hi Devora,

    I got the link through David Sanger at Scholastic. Really amazing stuff, some of the use of cuts & filters wouldn’t shame a director twice his age, and its incredibly creative how he works in the fantastical bits from the book. Do tell Michael I think it’s brilliant and I’m very flattered he’s put so much work into it. If you & he are okay with it, I could make a post and link to it from this site so everyone else can see it? I’d be happy to, but then of course the internet is full of critics, so he may not want it exposed. Up to the both of you.



  7. Devora bush says:

    Thank you! He’s Henry Galesworth, by the way…
    I will have to ask permission from all parents in his class. On sunday they have a special screening for class and parents. If no one objects we would be honoured for the link to be posted on your site.
    I will contact you about it monday or tuesday, then.
    Thanks again. I will tell the children you enjoyed their work.

  8. Devora bush says:

    Dear Chris,
    Yesterday there was a screening at school. All children from class plus their parents were there. You really should be proud – how much your book simply casts a spell on people.
    We have permission to publish the link in your site!
    Please note that the credit is for two partners: michael busheri, (my son ) – director. Producer Einav Yehezkeli – the beautiful Kady.
    We thank you for offering to do this.
    Devora, michael, and Einav.

  9. Devora bush says:

    Here in the privecy of the discussion of PALE ( which i yet have to read) i send you many many thanks.
    Eagerly waiting the real film.
    Devora, Michael, Einav, and all your fans here.

  10. sabresa sherlin says:

    I love the book pale. Its a great book especially when it comes to people who don’t like to read big books. Though it may be a small book the storys amazing . The Best book I have ever read. Hope to read more of your writings….Keep up the great work

  11. shannan says:

    Good book can you give it to free plees

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