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Frosty Christmas Updates!

I’m over half way through The Iron Jackal and motoring. Still looking good for an August release, although it will require some heroics from the editorial team and production department behind the scenes.

Pandemonium has been given a very tentative publication date of early 2012 in the US, possibly as early as January. Which is pretty fast if we hit it, actually: 13 months from now to the bookshelf, and Cassandra Diaz, the artist, has only just started final drawings on a 158-page graphic novel. As to other countries, including the UK: don’t ask, cos I have no idea.

To the 80 blillion people asking about the Malice movie, when it’s gonna be out, who’s gonna be in it, etc, all I can say is: I’ll let you know when I do. If it gets made (and that’s an IF so big that if it actually existed its weight would knock the Earth off its axis and send us all howling into the sun) it might happen very fast, or it might not happen for years. Could be shooting by this time next year, could be ten years, might not be at all. Might take three drafts to get the script right, might take thirty (and I’m not even exaggerating on that score – you wouldn’t believe how much some movies get rewritten). Each draft, depending on the writer, might take a month, might take six. Additionally, I’m not exactly on the inside with this process: the producers keep me informed about the stuff I need to know, but not about the day-to-day, and just like writing, six months can pass without any major news because long projects are, um, long.

Speaking of long, readers of mine from back in the day will no doubt wryly remember the palaver about the movie of The Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray that we all got excited about for a couple of years until it fizzled and died (along with the Broken Sky TV series… *wistful sigh*). Those same readers may now want to turn off the Internet completely at the news that, after being dormant for about 5 or 6 years, Trademark Films have optioned the story for development into a movie 😉 So now we’re effectively at square one again, but at least we’re back on the board! See, I warned you back then that this could take ages! Them’s movies, folks!

Also, US Covers for Ret Falls and Black Lung:

Pretty! And if you want to know why they’re different to the UK versions, there’s a quick post about it from my US editor here.

Aaand, that’s your lot.


  1. Tida says:

    Good to know that everything is going well :). I have to say, while a Malice movie would make me so happy that I would be spontaneously dancing in the streets or some nonesense like that, a movie version of The Haunting would be so wonderful I just might of those crazy people who watches the same movie over and over and over.

    With that said, I’m planning on being at film school this time next year, so if whoever is working on these movies now doesn’t pull through by the time I graduate, I’ll make it my personal goal to create at least one of them, because it’s really the least I can do after your writing has inspired my own so much :).

  2. Keith says:

    Hey Chris I am happy to say I just finished the Fade and it was a great book

    I think that you should make The haunting a movie no matter what because that book was amazing!

    Happy Holidays

  3. Aya says:

    Hey Chris. I really hope this movie will come true! Prayers from me (and many other fans). I can’t wait to see it!

    I also still got some hope that one day they will make Broken Sky TV series.
    Those were the first books I read from you when I was a kid and they made me a great fan.
    They even converted me into being a great anime and manga fan.
    I still think that Broken Sky have all the perfect qualities for a top class anime/TV series. If taken serious and done right it could rival some of the best fantasy series out there. Like Avatar – The last Airbender (american though), The Twelve Kingdoms and Seirei no Moribito (Guardian of the Spirit).

    Thank you for your amazing books.

  4. David says:

    August release? Sounds like one of my birthday presents for next year is sorted then!

    I’m being pried from my electronic goods for a while (no TV, no xbox, no laptop) so I plan on rereading all your works over this Christmas. It’ll be a good one.

  5. Bluephoenix says:

    Sounds like everything is running relatively smoothly, good to hear. 🙂
    I’m sad my copy of Black Lung Copy (which will be US-bought) wont match my English-bought book (though it kind of does more so as far as aesthetically…bah, nevermind, I’m silly).
    Anyway, I’d love to see any movies that come out of your work!! Believe that I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

  6. Ben says:

    Just finished Black Lung Captain; exceptional as ever!
    Been loving the idea of movies since I first heard about the Alaizabel Cray one ages ago, and you should contact Shonen Jump about Broken Sky!
    Also, I’ve been looking for a way to contact you as I think you may be interested to hear a piece of music I wrote called Mau Grist, but this is the only way I seem to be able to find, so I hope you read this and get in touch!

  7. Serena says:

    Broken Sky would make a totally awesome anime, and I reckon the best people for the job would be Mad House. Check out their anime Last Order, it was made for the Final Fantasy guys, Square Enix as a preliminary to their game Crisis Core… And I know all this because I am a gaming tragedy who values pretty Japanese games far too highly :p

  8. Hikaru says:

    It makes me happy to still see people talking about Broken Sky, although it kills me every time talk of the animated series comes up, especially that ever elusive trailer… ^^;

    I’ve seen some talk about a pronunciation guide for BS but it really doesn’t seem to exist online anymore. Is there anyway for it to show up again? Curiosities killing me. 🙂

    That and I had a classmate last semester who’s name was ‘Kia’ and pronounced ‘Kai-uh’ and it got me thinking since I had always imagined Kia’s name in BS as being pronounced ‘Key-uh’.

  9. David: ALL my works? Um… sorry for the early stuff 😉

    Hikaru: I vaguely remember that guide too… though I don’t think I had anything to do with it, so it was presumably unofficial and I don’t know where it is. I always pronounced it the way you do, but then a car came out with the same name, so it’s probably better to change it to the other way 😉 Or just blurt out ‘Kyah!’

    Ah, the trailer. Still have it. Still not allowed to post it for legal reasons 🙁

    Ben: slam it up on a hosting site like Filedropper and post a link here.

    Also, will be posting up a new load of covers as soon as they’re finalised. We’ve got in the art for The Iron Jackal and the revamped Braided Path and they’re just aaaaawesome. The Braided Path cover made me squeal high enough to stun all the bats and dogs in the area. Coming soon…

  10. Teagan says:

    We were reading Malice in class and you wrote “Justin ruffled his short, black hair”. But in the Havoc COMICS his hair is not coloured in to show that it is black (like Seth’s).
    What colour is his hair?

    Thanks, Teagan & Angie

  11. Short & black. Artists don’t always do what you tell ’em 😉

  12. Teagan says:

    Thamks a bunch! We read Malice last year as a language arts unit and this year we read Havoc which in my opinion is better. My friends Jake and Shivam want to know if there is going to be a third book in the series.


  13. Shivam says:

    Hello I have read Malice and Havoc and I really enjoyed it. I was just wondering about your Malice movie and if you are going to make a third book in the Malice series. In the Malice movie are you going to put Malice and Havoc together or if you are make Malice part 1 and havoc part 2.


  14. Aidan says:

    PLEASE MAKE A THIRD BOOK OF MALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Third book – still unknown. I still have a couple of other projects to finish first. I’ll let everyone know when I do.

    The movie, as I understand it at the moment, would be only covering the events in Malice. So basically if they made Malice, they’d pretty much have to make Havoc as well 🙂

  16. Duncan says:

    Chris. I am a HUGE fan of Joe Abercrombie (been reading his books since Before They Are Hanged was first published) and wanted more of that sort of asskickery. I browsed his site and saw that he recommended you, so I browsed your site and found Retribution Falls. What an awesome tale of classic swashbucklery. That should be a word – my firefox tells me it isn’t.

    Anyways I eagerly awaited The Black Lung Captain, and it was just as fun a ride and read as I was expecting. Thoroughly enjoyable – I think I need more words in my vocabulary but its sort of late at night so excuse me they have escaped me. It was fantastic… just one thing…

    The problem, you see, is that there isn’t another one. Please strap yourself to a desk somewhere and write the next one? Asap. More asap than asap actually. Asa-asap? Actually, please do the world a favour and keep pumping out books set in the same universe as the one of Retribution Falls? I’ll post you food if you run out. All the way from South Africa even – where I’m from.

    I need more!!! (Please, and thank you in advance 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

    PS When i found your site (first time) I also checked out your blog… found the Lightning Bolt gig you went do. Damn I dig it. Keen to make some of that sort of music myself now (I’m a bassist). Shot for the introduction to them (seems a chain of awesome introductions has been started…) XD

  17. Keep it quiet – Joe will want his 10% cut 😉

    I am already well strapped in and the third book couldn’t be more ASAP unless I started a ProPlus habit of near lethal proportions. You can still post me food, although I should warn you that I exist exclusively on dodo eggs and panda tears.

  18. Ben says:

    The track has been uploaded:

    Right now (7th feb) the track is currently being encoded and moderated but should be available to listen to and download in the next 3 working days.
    Hope you enjoy listening 🙂

  19. death by taco says:

    Hey chris you reeeeeeeeaaaly need to update your blog a bit more often.some of us like to know what your doin.I know you comment on others(the most recent here is jan 29) but I would really like some news on……stuff :P.idk.But whens the malice movie coming out?I’m looking for a good book by you.Any suggestions for a 12 year old who loved maliceI’im only asking cuz I would go through all your books but my moms mad cuz it’s “late”

    P.S. I put the thing about the Malice movie to bug you. 😛

    P.P.S I have no clue why my name is ‘death by taco’it just sounded funny to me so don’t go yellin “Why the f*** is a stupid person named death by taco posting on my f****** blog!” 🙂

  20. Ben – The track still hasn’t appeared. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    DBT – Haha, I was just arming my autocannon when I read that bit about the Malice movie is coming out. No updates recently cos nothing’s new. I’m writing away. All I’m doing till end of March is Iron Jackal. I’ll be updating as soon as I get finished covers on the new Braided Path and Iron Jackal, btw. Just waiting for them to come in.

    Book Rec: The Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray if you liked Malice.

  21. Oh wait, it’s up now. Nice job, I likes it. Now I just need someone to make an anime sequence to fit the soundtrack… 😉

  22. Ben says:

    I’m glad you liked it XD you’ve got my email address so if you ever want to comission some more music for anything you’re more than welcome to drop me a line 🙂

  23. Jess says:

    Yes I understand this is an older thread, but is there any information on a third book, and the movie. I haven’t been able to find anything as of yet 😛
    Just for the record, I love those two books (Malice/Havoc), they are amazing and very well written.

  24. Alayna says:

    Are school is doing a play of malice and havoc and 3,4,5,6and7 malice and I’m kady Even tho I have brown hair we are on the 6and 7 and I also love the books

  25. Hey. I wanted to find a way to ctaonct you, so I googled you and found this, so I decided to go ahead and hope that you read this. I am 22 now, and out of impulse, went to my book shelf and dusted off an old classic series from my childhood. I haven’t read these books in years, but I absolutely loved them. I felt a huge surge of nostalgia and decided to try and ctaonct you. When I was in middleschool, I remember reading Broken Sky all the time. I loved this series so much. I remember fondly listening to the Deus Ex soundtrack, and power reading through the series.Broken Sky was a huge part of my childhood, so I wanted to thank you for writing these books so many years ago. Thanks man, it means a lot to me that I had the chance to read them. I plan to reread them over the break, just for that dose of sweet nostalgia and child hood memories.

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