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Frosty Christmas Updates!

I’m over half way through The Iron Jackal and motoring. Still looking good for an August release, although it will require some heroics from the editorial team and production department behind the scenes.

Pandemonium has been given a very tentative publication date of early 2012 in the US, possibly as early as January. Which is pretty fast if we hit it, actually: 13 months from now to the bookshelf, and Cassandra Diaz, the artist, has only just started final drawings on a 158-page graphic novel. As to other countries, including the UK: don’t ask, cos I have no idea.

To the 80 blillion people asking about the Malice movie, when it’s gonna be out, who’s gonna be in it, etc, all I can say is: I’ll let you know when I do. If it gets made (and that’s an IF so big that if it actually existed its weight would knock the Earth off its axis and send us all howling into the sun) it might happen very fast, or it might not happen for years. Could be shooting by this time next year, could be ten years, might not be at all. Might take three drafts to get the script right, might take thirty (and I’m not even exaggerating on that score – you wouldn’t believe how much some movies get rewritten). Each draft, depending on the writer, might take a month, might take six. Additionally, I’m not exactly on the inside with this process: the producers keep me informed about the stuff I need to know, but not about the day-to-day, and just like writing, six months can pass without any major news because long projects are, um, long.

Speaking of long, readers of mine from back in the day will no doubt wryly remember the palaver about the movie of The Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray that we all got excited about for a couple of years until it fizzled and died (along with the Broken Sky TV series… *wistful sigh*). Those same readers may now want to turn off the Internet completely at the news that, after being dormant for about 5 or 6 years, Trademark Films have optioned the story for development into a movie 😉 So now we’re effectively at square one again, but at least we’re back on the board! See, I warned you back then that this could take ages! Them’s movies, folks!

Also, US Covers for Ret Falls and Black Lung:

Pretty! And if you want to know why they’re different to the UK versions, there’s a quick post about it from my US editor here.

Aaand, that’s your lot.

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