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Signing On Thursday – Update

Quick update for those who are coming to Forbidden Planet on Thursday. The Signing (it deserves a capital letter of its own, I’ll have you know) will start at 6 and last for an hour, not an hour or two as I said in the last post. So don’t be too fashionably late, or you’ll miss us!

Am busy making lots of little tweaks to The Black Lung Captain to ensure that it’s the usual flawless gem you’ve come to expect from me *cough*. It’s incredibly time-consuming hunting down rogue sentences in a haystack of 160,000 or so, but worth it in the end. And no matter how many times I do it, I still find bits that make me scream when I open up the finished copy.

In other news, Dragon Age: Origins is brilliant so far. I have calculated exactly how many hours in a week I can feasibly play it without getting disembowelled by my editor or dumped by my girlfriend, and then I play a dozen more 😉

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