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Nearly done

Gosh, I have been a bit quiet on this site, haven’t I? I see you guys have been chatting amongst yourselves, good, good. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been working in the meantime. Am about six chapters from the end of Mammoth Tome of Destiny #1, which I’ve been working on since, um, May 2015. It’s coming in at about 300,000 words (same size as A Game Of Thrones, more or less). Once I’m done with it I’ll have to do edit it but should hopefully be done by end of Feb, just in time for my 40th birthday. Release date is shifting around a bit at the moment, but hopefully it’ll be out towards the end of this year: will let you know when it’s nailed down. I do have a title (finally) but everything is under wraps for now at the request of the publisher, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

I have also signed up with Scholastic for a new series of books for children, titled Jack From Earth, which will be released in the UK and US. Initially it’s for two books with more possibly to follow. These will be much shorter and aimed at 8-12 year olds: the same kind of audience as Broken Sky and Malice. They will be tongue-in-cheek science fiction, kind of a Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets Star Wars sort of thing. More details on them later when I get round to starting on them: for the next couple of months I will be pounding the Mammoth Tome to get it finished. Epic fantasy is epic. I need a holiday.

Back to it. I’ll tell you when I’m done!

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  1. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    Man, 2017 book year is going to be EPIC. Two of my favorite series are getting finished, the next book in my favorite series is coming out, Stormlight Archive 3 arrives in November, and now, finally, comes a new Chris Wooding book! Good thing too because I need SOMETHING to distract myself from the Trumpiness of the coming days.

    Question about Jack From Earth: will it contain super fast pacing and spooky-vibes (like Malice, which is why I’m “too old” for it but still obsessed) or is it definitely going to be more of a humor thing? Will it contain comic-y bits or just words? And how will the characters be costumed (like normal, or star warsy, or Guardians of the Galaxy-y, or 50s scifi, or maybe some cyberpunk)? I don’t know why, but the last one feels very important to me…

  2. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:


  3. Ysabel – fast paced yes, spooky vibes no. Funny rather than dark. No comicy bits. And as to what they’ll wear, you’ll have to wait to find out! As, er, will I…

  4. Katya says:

    1. “Mammoth Tome of Destiny #1.” Does that mean that there’s going to be at least a #2 in the future? *raises eyebrows*

    2. Your birthday is at the end of Feb. Can we know the date of that so we can spam you with birthday wishes? *raises eyebrows even higher*

    (2.5 I’m also curious as to what date it is because I want to see whether it’s on the same date as my own birthday. *eyebrows jump up a fraction*)

    3. Ysabel was asking more than one question, so her saying “I have a question” was cheating, really. *eyebrows disappear into hairline*

    Also, I’m going to enjoy being seen clutching a book aimed at 8-12 year olds in public, right? I’m not a grown-up. Nope. Not at all.

  5. Bay says:

    I really want to know what the status is on the sequel to ‘Pandemonium’ T.T did you drop it?

  6. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:

    Nope, Pandemonium two is, sadly, not a thing.

  7. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    *a moment of silence for the never-to-come Pandemonium V.2*

  8. I didn’t drop it; I wasn’t allowed to write the sequel. There’s a difference.

  9. Who knows at this point says:

    Are you not allowed to post the Pandemonium sequel online? Is that against the rules? Me and my friends really wanna see it for years now.

  10. Amber Peterson says:

    Hello! I am the librarian at Beaver Lake Middle School in the Seattle area. My students are wondering if/when you are planning a sequel to Silver? I book talked it today and TWO students in the class added their recommendations to mine and we spent time speculating about what could happen next. Thank you from your middle school fans and their librarian! 🙂

    Amber Peterson

  11. Trants says:

    So excited for a new release!! I’ve been waiting over here…

    Professional questions for you, and I’m hoping you’ll have time to give me some advice. How fully-fleshed are your ideas as you begin writing? Do you outline the general plot? I’ve tried a traditional outline, and I’ve tried index cards. Nothing goes anywhere. It occurred to me recently that I have always had these big, kind of cinematic ideas, so maybe storyboarding would work better for me. I’ve had beautiful story threads in my mind for years. Decades, even. But nothing gets woven together. They’re really more like soap bubbles. They look pretty, but they fall apart when I touch them.

    I really, really want 2017 to be the year that I *finally* finish a fully-developed (and maybe even publishable novel). I just finished a full marathon after losing 126 pounds (9 stone?). I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to now, and I want to capitalize on this energy. But I don’t want to “just write” because “just writing” is how I end up with fits and starts and a few hundred pages of nothing. Do you have any suggestions for plotting? Or should I “just write” and see what develops?

    Thank you for any help you can offer. You are amazing. Your books are on constant loan in my middle school classroom.

  12. Laura says:

    Hey Chris, I’ve sent you a private message on the forums but just noticed you haven’t logged in since 2014, so just wanted to let you know. (Pink jumper girl from the 2009 Forbidden Planet booksigning).

    Laura x

  13. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:

    How did you get a profile pick?

    My employers will. pay good money for this information

  14. Laura says:

    If you’re talking to me… I don’t have one? Not that I can see!

  15. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:

    For me you have this little chipmunk frog looking thing under a leaf.

  16. Laura says:

    Oh, that’s my Gravatar. Gravatars are linked to WordPress accounts.

  17. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:


  18. Amari says:

    Are you allowed to write a sequel to pandemonium now?

  19. Zachary says:

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to nine years ago, when I was fifteen and starting reading and writing like a fiend because of you! I never read anything or wrote anything until I read “The Storm Thief” and “The Weavers of Saramyr”. Now, I just turned twenty-four and I couldn’t imagine my life without books and without a pen and some paper. You’re writing will always have a special place in my life. I don’t know where I’d be, who I’d be, or what I’d be doing if it weren’t for your talent as a writer! Happy Birthday Chris! Hope it’s a good one!


  20. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    Holy crap. birthday???

    Well, happy belated birthday Chris. I’ll have you know that Malice and Alaizabel Cray are the only two books that managed to give me some good and proper shivers without tossing a ton of gore in my face.

  21. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    By the way, can anyone give me some short stories, gameplays, books, movies, tv shows (especially anime), or webcomics that are legitimately scary? It’s been a while since I’ve been terrified, and I’m itching to feel afraid again.

  22. Yaro the great, destroyer of worlds (and lover of books) says:

    Some of Philip Jose Farmers stuff gave me the chills. “The Shadow of Space” and “Sketches among the Ruins of My Mind” were amazing.

  23. cayce says:


    My friend adores your book Poison. She gave it to me to read and I realize that you’ve well described her inner life – You’ve provided great comfort for her! She’s going through quite a hard time right now and I am curious if you would be willing to speak with her and discuss your work. Please reach out at my email if you would.


  24. Hey Laura! Hope it’s all going well for you. I can’t even log in to the Crooked Lanes forum any more. Can’t remember my password and the email account for recovery is dead :-/

    Do you have Twitter? PM me on that: @_ChrisWooding_

  25. Amber – Sorry, no sequel. I kind of like to leave a speculative ending. It’s fun to let the reader imagine what THEY think would happen next.

    Trants – Everyone has to find their own way, really. Advice isn’t all that helpful as everyone writes differently. Personally I plot a lot in advance so I know where it’s going, but some people hate that. Having ideas is the easy part; making them work is 90% of writing. Try different methods and see what works best, there’s a wealth of suggestions out there on the interwebs.

    Zachary – Thanks! Pleased you liked ’em.

    Cayce – Glad I could provide some comfort.

  26. mr. moustache says:

    people may have already said this (i don’t know, i didn’t read all the comments) but I NEED to know if you are ever planning to do a sequel for pandemonium. I LOVED that book! The thing is, there are so many unsolved mysteries. Does Siefer(or however you spell it) look like prince talon for a reason? or is it just a coincedence? The royal advisor dude mentions not telling Siefer who he truly is, and why is Siefer a magikar? Who are Siefers dad and mom (and grandpa)? what ends up happening in Siefer’s love life? what happens to the REAL prince talon? SOOOOOOO MAAAANNNNYYYY QUESTIONS!!!!! You may have already answered these q’s somewhere else, but please reply telling me the answers, or why you cant say the answers. please. (p.s. please dont say use your imagination. I already have. And I have come up with about 2000000000000000 theories. I would like to know what you think. please.)


  27. Heekyo says:

    Ah shoot I’ve been looking out for a Pandemonium V.2 for years now, I first the book when I was around 8 and I’m 15 turning 16 soon. I’ve still got the book in perfect condition and love reading it over and over. I’m really sad that I’ve seen you can’t make a part two as there were so many unanswered theories but you probably have your good reasons. I love this book so much still ❤️

  28. Ross says:

    I realize that you weren’t allowed to write a sequel to pandemonium but…why???? It was awesome. I’ve read it several times and I’ve wanted a sequel for so long and, scrolling through this page, I can see that several others do as well.

  29. Dan C says:

    Hi I was wondering about the chances of a sequel to silver? I absolutely loved how it was but was sad that Caitlyn couldn’t have ended by becoming a hybrid and controlling the virus that lived inside her. Nevertheless I loved how it ended and really really hope u make a sequel to this book.

  30. Ricardo says:

    Why are you not allowed to make a sequel to pandemonium in my opinion it was your best book. Are you not allowed to make the sequel because of legal reason or is it scholastic stopping i have wondering this ever since 2013 its been 6 years now Chris surely you can stop putting it off and figure out a solution to whats stopping you from making a sequel.

  31. sistersad says:

    Hi I’m here like a lot of others searching for information about a sequel to Pandemonium. I think it means a lot that people are still asking all these years later and I hope that you are able to release a sequel someday! Or some form of answer to all the unsolved mysteries in the first book. Thank you so much anyways for writing Pandemonium, it really is one of my favourite books of all time!

  32. Maggie says:

    Hi! I really loved “Silver”, and was wondering when/if there would be a sequel? A lot was left unexplained, and SPOILER ALERT to anyone that hasn’t read it on this site, CAITLYN!
    Will there be a sequel?

  33. Jazmin says:

    Are you ever going to publish Pandemonium 2.

  34. Alyssa says:

    Omg :'( im so so sad
    I’ve waited for Pandemonium 2 for a long time. I ended up losing my original book fair copy a while back in between a hard part of my life, but I’m planning on re-buying it again someday. I loved it a lot. I’m 18 now and I bought it at a book fair when I was about 7 or 8. I’ve been waiting for a sequel this whole time I enjoyed the story so much as a child and it helped me through a pretty scary part of my life. Even if theres no sequel, thank you so much. For giving that big part of my life to me.

  35. jacob says:

    Are you making another book in correspondence to silver?

  36. Barry says:

    Chris – loved the Ketty Jay series, but seriously: please write a sequal to Silver.
    Pretty please?


  37. Tara says:

    Wait when will it be published and whats the name so i can look for it? -w-

  38. Cosette says:

    Hi there Chris. I was a huge fan of pandemonium when I got it and really hope that someday we get a sequal. The art style with your writing was perfect and I’ve never found another graphic novel like so since. Will there ever be a chance for you or someone else to take on the chance to post a second? There were so many open ended mysteries in the first like his father and the romance.

  39. Eve has joined the chat says:

    pandemonium was a nice book. i know there wont be a sequel, but i am very glad this book was made. thank you
    also no thank you for leaving us on a cliffhanger T-T

  40. AriesIgnited says:

    Please please PleAse consider posting the Pandemonium continuation on of the webcomic platforms
    I desperately need it in my life
    I read it so long ago and i still love the story and the characters

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    On webcomic app and site for coins which can be transferred to usd
    You can also have site dedicated to it

    TTvTT I just
    I love the characters so much
    I love the Style
    I don’t want it to die

  41. Ashton Crowe says:

    Hey, I know this has been posted alot here but adding to interest in hopes that you’ll see this and realize people still love this title and would happily shelve out $ to obtain copies.

    You’ve likely already guessed what title i am referring to as it’s come up consistently as of late on this site.

    Could you please, Please give us the continuation to [Pandemonium] i still have one of the original copies you had sent out back in the day here in Canada it has suffered slight damage from all of the use and re – reading i’ve given it. Originally i wasn’t a very big fan of the story but after reading it a couple times it grew on me and i’ve been keeping tabs on this title ever since. It is now 2021 with Covid still running rampant keeping everyone except the Essential Workers at home leaving ample time to write this title.

    I realize you have not written this title due to legal reasons but with everything going on maybe it would be a good time to try again and get the balls rolling.

    If you shared with your fans “why” its not allowed to be published maybe we could express interest to the opposing parties and help make it more likely for the book to be written. Money easily sways opinion and interest is at an all time high for this title.

    – A Fan

  42. Anonymous :/ says:

    Hey Mr. Chris! Like all the replies are asking, when will there be a 2nd book of Pandemonium? If you can’t make it, why?

    I just wanted to share that I’ve been doing my best in drawing, in hopes of making comics. Once I reach my art, I was thinking of re-doing your Pandemonium book, but sadly I won’t publish it, ehehe. Of course, it’s against the law of plagiarizing someone’s work, but I really want to redo Pandemonium! I’ve had tons of sketches planned already!

    I won’t be able to do it because of my age, but I hope that I gave some ideas to people who still love the book, and make a 2nd book out of it!

    Mr. Chris Wooding, I hope this won’t make an uproar because of trademarks and copyright, but I do hope you give us the permission to be able to do this!

    All in honor for you! (Pretty cringey I know, hehehe)

  43. Anonymous :/ says:

    Additional note to the last one, I also made some storyboards and wrote the course of the story in my own perspective, so I really do wish that we’ll be able to make this work.

    – A fan since 2nd grade 🙂

  44. missgorl says:

    Hi!!! i read silver and i LOVED IT. will there be a book 2???? (crossing my fingers)

    – miss gorl

  45. Alexander says:

    When will there be a pandemonium 2.I have SO MANY QUESTIONS and I NEED to know the answers.So please make a pandemonium2.and hopefully 3.

  46. Casche Aveyard says:

    Just want to say big fan of Pandemonium and that I wish for there to be a sequel to it to solve all those unsolved mysteries but if you can’t make it I under stand I just think that the book would sell well if it’s a money problem.

  47. Emelia Cornejo says:

    I just want to say I Love Your book Silver and I wonder if it would ever be a movie one day. Yes imagining this wonderful book is great but to see it happen with my own eyes would be AMAZING!!

  48. Jessica says:

    I loved the book Pandemonium! I just wanted to ask, since book 2 will most likely never come out, what did you have in mind for the story? If you can answer that would be great! I just wanted to know how you imagined the story going.

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