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Your tri-monthly update is here!

Y’know, even though I have the excuse of being born before the age of social media sapped all meaning out of everything, I’m beginning to suspect I’m a bit slow at this blogging lark. But you’ve all been very patient, and as I’ve just turned 37 I’m literally likely to die at any minute, so here’s an update.

Since I delivered The Ace of Skulls about a year ago, I’ve been writing for the screen. Mostly for TV, actually, as it’s rather more exciting than the movies at the moment. Some of the work I’ve been doing has been writing pilot episodes, crafting series outlines, then sending them off into the aether via my agents. Some of these works pick up interest from producers of other things, who either want to develop them or offer other work, which takes me off in other directions. Over the past year I’ve been really pretty busy, but in this world projects  have a long gestation period (comparable to human lifetimes in some cases). Things are gestating nicely, but as I’ve said many times, it’s pointless talking about projects until they are some way down the line as many of them just disappear. Some resurface after years, some don’t.

At various points over the year I’ve been writing for a TV series in production that is, not to put too fine a point on it, goddamn awesome. The project is helmed by a big-name Hollywood screenwriter, there’s a big US network behind it, the concept for the series is fantastic and the writing is of really high quality, and I got to work with a brilliant team of screenwriters planning the series and working on episodes. Yet even a high-profile project like this has a hard time getting to the screen, and it’s currently on hold while people behind the scenes shuffle vast amounts of money around trying to make risk and reward add up. Maybe it’ll kick in again tomorrow and we can get back to work (God, I hope so). Maybe it will be years (I’m told Musketeers, the new big show in the UK, took years and years of torment to bring to the screen).  Maybe it’ll quietly die, and that will suck. You’ll get news (and a name for the show) if and when we get the green light again.

I’ve also been working on something else. I know I’m going to regret this, but *whispers quietly* malicemovie 

*covers ears as a thousand squees echo throughout the troposphere*.

*takes hands off ears*

Done? Good. Yep, writing a movie of Malice at the moment, a project for Sky Movies with Kudos producing (they of Life on Mars, Spooks, Broadchurch, and more, and more). Currently tapping through the first draft and having a lot of fun with it. But this is at a very early stage right now, and it’s a long, long journey of development, so hold them horses for a while. Right now we don’t know whether it will be a TV movie or a theatrical release, whether it will end up megabudget or minibudget, who will star, or any of a hundred other variables.

But, still, Malice movie, eh? Hehehe.

Broken Sky ebooks: I’m looking into ways to get them done with the proper level of quality that won’t eat up loads of time that I can’t afford to devote to them. This may or may not be possible. I’ll let you know if it is. I know people out there are waiting – some more patiently than others – and they’d love to get their hands on ebook editions of books that were beloved to them in their younger years. I’m genuinely touched by the enthusiasm and devotion to those stories. But I don’t want to release them until I can put them out in the best version I can, and there’s only one of me. So until I can get someone to help me out with them, they’ll have to wait.

I’ve also been talking about an idea for a new YA book with Scholastic. Once I get up and going on that, I’ll let you know more. But it’s in the pipe.

And that’s your lot! Man, I’m exhausted. Time for a restorative game of Thief.



  1. Richard B says:

    Congrats lots of great new there, and Happy Birthday!
    I just wanted to ask if you’ll be going to Loncon 3? it looks like there’s alot of people going this year (I think after WFC quite a few authors want to come back to the uk, which is good)
    Of course I’m dying to know what tv series your working on, do they have a pilot yet?
    oh, and any plans for any… I was going to say adult books , but that’s not what I mean… non YA books?

  2. Richard B says:

    P.S. can’t believe it’s a day later and I was the first person to comment on your post, either people have forgotten your blog after such a long haitus or they’re still recovering from the movie news =P I imagined they’ll come to pretty soon and a tsunami of questions will come your way.

  3. Haha, I think it’s the former. I have been deservedly forgotten. There are (distant and vague) plans for more adult books but I’m contracted to do another YA book for Scholastic before anything, so that comes first. To be honest I’ve enjoyed the break away from writing books (which I’d been doing pretty much non-stop for nigh on eighteen years) but I’m getting that itch again…

    I don’t think I’ll make LonCon this year, for various reasons, but I’ll definitely post up here if I’m going.

  4. Isaac Federspiel says:

    When I read that you were working on a Malice movie I made an odd jumble of noises. Also immediately texted other people who are fans of the book. Very cool. The TV project too. I hope we get to hear more info soon.

    Also, long shot but I have to ask, any chance you’d be willing to let a fan with 95 percent of a journalism degree help with the editing of the Broken Sky ebooks?

  5. Sadly not, I’m afraid. Keep taking those long shots, though! Did you know that million-to-one shots hit at least fifty per cent of the time?

  6. Brooklyn says:

    So if you’re working with the US companies, does that mean you’ll be coming to the US at some point? But Malice movie, geez you’re gonna regret telling us that.

  7. Katya says:

    I’m a but late on the uptake of this, having been away for the last two weeks, but Malice movie is a great piece of news coming from you, especially when you have been dead, blog-wise, for a while. And you’ve posted this not even a week after my birthday, so thanks for the great treat! 😀

  8. @ Brooklyn – probably not, as I imagine it’ll be filming in the UK if it goes ahead.

    @ Katya – well, you’re welcome. Probably be another couple of birthdays before you get to see it, though 😉

  9. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    OHMYGOD A MALICE MOVIE!!!!!!!! One of my favorite books ever, being made into a movie! This is so awesome!

  10. Aria says:

    OMG FINALLY!!!!!!! MALICE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  11. Sankalp says:

    Dear Chris,
    When I was in fifth grade I first read broken sky… The books completely mesmerised and possessed me… They were responsible for incepting the love I now have for the fantasy genre. Sadly I could only read the first five books before they went out of print. Since then I have frantically searched for the rest as it seems like a part of my childhood I have not completed.
    I request you on behalf of the ten year old boy inside me who has waited for twelve years now to find out the fate of his heroes, to please release the Broken Sky Ebooks as soon as possible.

    Lastly I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such books for us in the first place… Authors like you who introduce young readers to the joys of mature reading make this world a better place!

  12. Liem says:

    I first started reading Malice when I caught a glimpse of ‘Hathern’ over someone’s shoulder (I live in Hathern). I can’t wait for a film! Imagine it being filmed in Hathern…. Probably the place is too boring 😛
    I never realised the Broken Sky books ever went out of print.. my school library stocks the omnibus editions of them and also the individual books, and I’m glad that I’ve read them! I think ebooks is a great idea, so people of my generation (I’m 17) can see what’s been missed out on!

  13. Haha, I had a friend who lived in Hathern, we used to hang out down the rec being shiftless badasses 😉 Give the old place my regards.

  14. Liem says:

    Did you live in Hathern then? (author biography time!)

  15. Nope. Grew up nearby, though.

  16. randall says:

    will there ever be a sequel to storm thief or a movie

  17. Xiu- says:

    Did the Broken Sky series ever come out in ebook form? And if so where can I buy them?

  18. Luke Serrano says:

    Dear Chris

    Poison is the best book I have ever read, and trust me I have read a whole lot of books. That single novel is better than Harry potter or anything Rick Riodran done. (Even though he is a great author). It is better than divergent or the bone city series. Ok I’m gonna get to the point. The point is, that book deserves a sequel. Or at least a book about her sisters adventure. The world of the hierophant deserves to be explored more to have a look at the other realms. It would be a honor to write this boos or books. But at last, I can’t. But you can. So Chris can you please write a sequel to poison or a side book. Please.

    Luke Serrano

  19. Kathlynn says:

    I read some of the broken sky books as a child, I loved them. I wish they were availible in ebook. Oh well I’ll see what I can find in paper. (if it’s a money thing, and you can find the time, consider trying to make a kickstarter to fund it. I would totally put my money where my text is and contribute.)

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