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Sometime approximately 10 minutes after the birth of the solar system I promised that I was going to put up a link on this site to a forum about little old me that the very lovely Kath (aka Maliris) has been running since, er, approximately 9 minutes after the birth of the solar system. Well, 13.7 billion years later (give or take a month) I finally got round to asking my webmaster to do it. If you look on the front page you will see that the never-updated Q&A section, featuring interviews with me that were conducted back when dinosaurs were just a gleam in the primitive eye-cluster of a cyanobacterium lurking beneath the deep red seas of a nascent Earth (and they really were red back then! Fact! Look it up!), has been obliterated and replaced with a link that will take you to the Crooked Lanes forum. It’s been a bit quiet of late due to lack of new members but don’t let that put you off, I fully expect it to be a swarming hive of activity now that I’ve finally got my arse in gear and linked to it. Swarm, my pretties!

So, if you want to talk among yourselves instead of talking to me, if you’ve got questions about a book, or if you just want to meet other people who are more special than your average reader due to their exquisite taste in fantastical literature, hustle on there. I will stick my face in from time to time whenever I can and bother you.

Get at it!

EDIT: purple seas now red. Thanks Katya 😉

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