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VELOCITY is done!

La la la, done and delivered and getting edited now, so all in time for a mid-2015 release (in the UK) which is all still on as far as I know! Blurb and more details to follow nearer the time, there’s no point getting you all excited six months early…

To tide you over, here’s a lovely Pinterest board of the Ketty Jay characters and aircraft, and an amazing concept art piece depicting Retribution Falls. One day I’ll have my own calendar! One day!

I’m pretty busy writing screen stuff these days, but what’s next book-wise, I really don’t know. I’ve finished up everything I’m contracted for, so I’m going to hibernate and ruminate for a while and have a think about what kind of story I want to do next and what I want to commit the next few years of my life to. Will let you know when I do!

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