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… not that you’d know it from the amount of updates on this site! But hey, now I’m here, I have a whole bunch of nothing to tell you anyway! Yay!

When I was a kid, I used to just bang down the first good idea I had, write a book of it, sling it out into the cosmos and move directly on to the next good idea in sequence. These days I’m rather more like a particularly dozy-looking cow chewing a cud in a field in Sussex, gazing placidly at nothing for days, sometimes weeks on end, until I’ve rolled dozens of these good ideas around in my head and tossed out all but one. Then I develop that for a bit, see if it goes anywhere, and if it doesn’t: back to the cud.

Thing is (he said, mixing his metaphors like a $0.79 self-published Amazon fantasy special) you can be the best chef in the world, but once you’ve picked your ingredients, that’s that. Can’t make a lasagna out of chocolate frosting and cake mix. So these days I’m veeeeeery careful about picking my ingredients. Am pulling together ideas for something new and vaguely book-shaped. Between that and a load of screen things I’ve been doing, I’m busy as ever: but as usual, I’ll tell you when anything concrete appears, and not before.

We’re closing in on a cover and a blurb for VELOCITY, will show you when there’s something to show you. But it’ll be out in July (I believe… definitely some month this year with a J in it!). And so I return to my cloak and dagger world of secrets and half-truths, to emerge again when I actually have something of interest to share…

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  1. Evyn Bohl says:

    Dear Mr. Chris Wooding,

    Your book Silver was great. I loved it and I don’t read these kind of book and like them but your book was so good that I own two of them. How you describe the characters was awesome!

    I love the character Paul. He is a cool character in the book to me because I can connect to him. He is a new kid at a school and I’ve moved five times. The first school I went to was a little school then I moved to a bigger school closer to town and being a new kid who had not many students around them and in the classrooms it was hard. I was getting in fights too like Paul did with Adam.

    Also fighting a bigger person is hard and hearing kids saying “fight, fight, fight,fight” is just more harder because the bigger person will want to fight you even more. It’s sad to hear others yelling fight. If I was one of those kids in the crowd I would help Paul as much as I can but kids don’t want to because they are scared to.

    When I found out that Paul had a secret too it was cool to hear that. Also the secret is different than my secret but it’s nice to find another thing that I can connect to.

    By the way why did you pick Mortingham Boarding Academy? You could of picked a whole different place to set the story line. Like a small town with 400 to 1,000 people I know that is more than a school. I can see why you did pick a school because of the students they make it more scary and the teachers try to make less scary but at the same time they both make it scary. Will you even do something like Silver again? Because if you did I would by it right away if I don’t like it more than Silver or if they are the same level of liking then it’s just me but if you did do something like Silver well I’m sorry like I said I don’t read to many books like this.

    I also made a Prezi because I liked the book so much and other students around the area will see it.

    I need to say goodbye now and thank you for taking some of your time to read this.

    Evyn J Bohl

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