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Random news:

The movie adaptation of Malice is progressing nicely. The screenwriter is working on the first draft of the script now and will probably deliver around the end of February, and we’ll see where we go from there.

I’ve spent the last couple of months knocking around some secret little projects, and discussing with publishers about my next book; I’ll let you know as and when something solid is in place.

I will definitely be at the SFX weekender, and more than likely showing my mug on a panel or two. It’s all being organised at the mo. Again, I’ll tell you as soon as I know.

I’ve received final copies of Havoc, resplendent in bilious green. Yay! As I posted elsewhere, is doesn’t have the big 3D cover of Malice because it would be prohibitively expensive to do that for both books in the series, but it’s still embossed so you can stroke Tall Jake and you’ll find him pleasingly tactile. Ahem.

The mass market paperback of Retribution Falls will come out in April in the UK (that’s the small, cheap paperback version). As a bonus, in addition to my lovingly crafted section on How To Play Rake, there will be included the Logbook Of The Ketty Jay, which was an informal prequel that I blogged online in the months before the book came out. Or you can just read it here for a taster. And if that’s not enough, there’ll also be the first chapter of The Black Lung Captain included.

Speaking of BLC, it’s been delivered to the publishers and I expect the edits back any second. That one will soon be in the bag, and I love it dearly…

I hope to be able to give to another update with some more definite news on proceedings and upcoming projects soon. Right at the moment it’s all about the behind-the-scenes machinations. Hang in there!


  1. Crazy says:

    WHEN IS THE MOVIE???!!! I got Malice at the beginning of the year and borrowed Havoc from my school libary.
    I am soooo obsessed with Malice and Tall Jake.
    Will there be a third book???

  2. Obsessed says:

    I’ve been fantasizing about malice. I’m completely obsessed.
    I want them to make a movie, but I don’t want them to cut out any parts, or ruin it with a bad script or a bad actor or anything. It is, no doubt what so ever, my favorite book. There HAS to be a movie to it to ease my obsession a bit. I NEED TO SEE IT.

  3. Shocked says:

    OMG There will be a movie!!! I definitely need to finish havoc! I want the malice series to be a trilogy! 😀

  4. Mahmuod says:

    Literally just finished reaindg Malice a few days after I got it, and it was a fantastic book. I can’t wait for Havoc to get out, and all sorts of thoughts about Tall Jake and Malice in general are crawling through my head. I loved the way it was written and the styles you used; Needless to say it was one of the best books I’ve read in a long while. The only questions I have are about the Well, I’m not sure whether to say world or universe or dimension or something entirely different, in truth. xDBut anyways. I’m curious- Do you plan on touching on most of the areas mentioned? The labyrinth, the city, any other place? And I was also wondering Apart from Havoc, and the kids who are just trying to survive, are there any other sorts? Of the people who wanted to go to Malice in the first place, could you imagine any of them becoming a part of Malice, in a sense? Not turning into one of the automatons, but still remaining as they were when they first got there, only -they- would be the ones terrifying Seth or any other poor kid who got into Malice?Best Regards,Skelterfield

  5. Lorena says:

    excuse me Mr. wooding , i have been wntiiag since the beginning of last year for the continuation of malice (havoc) , and i have millions of questions scattered all over my brain ,needing answers. Could you please provide me with a release date in foreign countries because for some reason i live in the middle east. thank you

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