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For those who live in the UK, or who like to travel a long long way, two biggie SF/Fantasy conventions coming up.

First is the SFX Weekender on the 5th-6th of February. A celebration of all things SF-ey, this one takes place at an out-of-season Butlins Holiday Camp which, as chance would have it, I’ve been to back in the day, when I went to All Tomorrow’s Parties to see Lightning Bolt. And bizarrely, while googling them to provide a link, I found out that someone took a crappy recording of that very gig on their phone and stuck it on YouTube. It was better than that, honest. You can’t see me, I’m somewhere near the back being badass or something.

I digress.

The other is Eastercon, 2-5th April. The biggest fantasy/SF book con in the UK, and this time it’s in London, so I really have no excuse for not going.  I’ll be at both of them I should think, whether as a lurker or a participant. If conventions are your thing, come along.

Also, I’m not sure I like this.  If anyone tried to continue any series of mine after my death, they’d be in for a damn good haunting.

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