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Tappity tappity done!

Aaaaaaaaand the rough draft of Silver is in the bag.

Veterans of my blog will know that this is not the end, far from it. A read-over and edit is needed before it even goes to my editor, who will edit it some more, and we’ll go back and forth for a bit before it’s all in shape. But even knowing that, there’s something so very very awesome about typing those final words, slumping back in your seat and exhaling a long, long gasp of relief. Hell yeah.

Party time!


  1. Karen Carlson says:

    Haha! Very nice choice of celebration music.

    Congratulations on finishing your rough draft of Silver! I can’t wait to see it pop up on bookdepository for pre-order. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment. It’s so satisfying. I can’t wait to finally finish a novel of my own and bask in said awesome feeling.

  2. Jord says:

    yes!!! i soooooo want to read it now (i already did anyway, but you know!)!!! when do you recon it will be released? this is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  3. It’s set for May next year. Long way off, I know! Publishing schedules and all that. But at least it should be released in the US & the UK at the same time.

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