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Aaaand it’s outta there!

Woohoo! Silver has been delivered to my editor, on deadline day, no less.Usually I’m very good with delivering ahead of deadline but various other projects meant this one went right down to the wire. It occurs to me that had there not been an extra day in February this year, it would have been late. What are the chances? Gotta be, like, one in four, easily!

Delivery of a book is the closest it gets to feeling like it’s finished, because I know it’ll be off my plate for at least a month before anyone comes back to tell me how terrible it is. And there’s something final in the act of hitting SEND and flinging it away across the webosphere, letting other people see it for the first time. Later I’ll start to fret about whether they think it’s actually any good or not or if I’ll have a bucketload more work to do on it, but for now, I’m demob happy and off to rampage through the capital.

What’s that? Rock out again, you say? If you insist. This one’s a bit sweary though, don’t listen if you’re tender 😉


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  2. Censored says:

    Whoa, what’s this?

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