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SILVER Released in US March 25th



Now that is one sexy cover. If only I had a larger version of it. Allow me to quote the starred review it got in Booklist (spoilers ahoy – if you were gonna buy it anyway, don’t read):

“A couple of boys on a biology field trip uncover a silver creature with chitin markings eerily like a computer chip. But it is only the first of many horrible creatures whose scratches turn humans into silver insects—or the Infected. It’s a biological weapon experiment gone awry, a horrifying precursor to an evil world bent on destroying itself. The challenge for a lucky (?) few Mortingham Boarding Academy students: how to survive and perhaps, more importantly, what happens if they do? Wooding has morphed a traditional English boarding school story—bullies, evil headmaster, well-intentioned teacher, and boy/girl drama—into a horror/survival story that would make William Golding and Gary Paulsen envious. The ugly, morphing Infected are graphic, both awe-inspiring and terrifying, as they devour their comrades to become larger, more intelligent, and more vicious. The tension is palpable as a small group of teens gradually out-thinks its few remaining adult leaders, thus leading the scant remaining survivors in a quest to escape. Is “sometimes being nice being stupid” or can goodness actually prevail? Carve out enough time to read Silver in a single sitting. You’ll need it.”

TL;DR? “It’s totes awesome.”

Available here.


  1. Brooklyn says:

    Well…I want to read it so from my understanding I can’t read over half the post. Oh well you alerted the world of the potential of a Malice movie and I’m still on a “high” from that. (And yes that was probably the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.)

  2. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    I ordered Silver from the UK last summer. I read it one sitting.

  3. Nada says:

    I am a librarian in a Charter school in Georgia, USA. We chose Silver for our March book. We will be meeting next Friday, March 28, 2014 to finish our discussion of the book. We are concentrating on the characters. Is it possible to talk to you over Skype? Please let me know. I will gladly provide you more info. Thank you, I love the book.

  4. Nada says:

    Hi again, I realized I put my personal email. I just change it.

  5. Jake says:

    Is there going to be a sequal?

  6. Claudia says:

    Let me just tell you that Silver is the best book I have ever read. I can’t explain it!!Its just AMAZING!!! Loved it and thank you for making such an Awesome Book! :)

  7. @ Jake – no sequel. Next one is gonna be about something different.

  8. jared says:

    will you please consider making a sequel in the future? i read this book and i really enjoyed seeing the plot evolve and the characters grow. i think the bestthing about this book was not only the plots originallity, but pauls personality was of one who despised the world for its unfairness. that was an amazing part of the story for me. to read the first one cost 10 dollars and 3 hours of time. i would pay 20 dollars and all the time in the world for a sequel or 2. thank you very much for this wonderful book- jared crawford (US)

  9. Brooklyn says:

    Are you gonna do any book signings in June? Because I might be heading out to London around then… London. Is that even your area or am I getting you confused with the Malice characters?

  10. Mark says:

    PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!! This book’s ending was SO set up for a sequel: them flying away from the ruins in a helicopter with Carson saying, “What do we do now?” And Paul’s reply hinted that there would be more to the story! This just came to my school book fair and is arguably the best book i have ever picked up from a book fair (either this or STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson, another GREAT read). Please make a sequel!

  11. Kaitlin Klies says:

    well, I wish not many people would see this message but I guess this is the only other way to contact you. Silver, (excuse my language) holy shit. This book was amazing, I found it at my school book fair and I never get books there but man am I glad I picked yours up. At first I couldn’t get into the book but at the same time I couldn’t stop reading! The whole book is just amazing, the five main characters, the setting and that weird ass silver disease weapon thing oh god! I just can’t get over the book. I’d talk more but I don’t want people seeing this message.. I see that your not making a squeal but how can you not, I mean I write stories (clearly you are FAR better than little ole’ me) but you left us all hanging, how can you not make another book. God it just kills me. Okay I’d say more but as I said above I’m not, hope to see you reply! You’re such an amazing author

  12. Kaitlin Klies says:

    okay I cant hold back, why? Why can’t their be a second book, there is already so much that you set up in the book to make one! Please excuse me Mr. Wooding but you have to, I understand you’re the writer and I’m not but I swear if I was I’d write another. I mean of course the ending completely is set up for another book but also in the book with those Infected alive and I know of course they’ll be smart enough to leave the school and go after the world, the kids at some point the chopper will run out of gas, what will happen to them. What will happen to the infected, what if they actually survived what Caitlyn did because they just did I DON’T KNOW I mean that Alpha Carrier is still alive and growing! What if people find the school and the Infected left and then the find the remains of them and maybe can find away to cure it, what if they can bring the people back. What if they bring Caitlyn back because she wasn’t a full Infected, what if she can find Paul and them, maybe she isn’t dead. What about the scientist, can’t he do something, cant the others do something! What about the other people who know about all of the stuff happening, are they just sitting around? What about the parents of the kids, how about the kid that got sent home? What will happen of the remaining in the chopper? What if there are still kids at the school that some how survived, I don’t know. I’ve made up so many ideas that could be a second book but it’s all there! Every damn piece, for some reason this whole book gets me so angry, the fact that Paul doesn’t love Caitlyn makes me so mad! All those kids make me so angry, I just want to know what happens. I swear I’d write the second book to this but that would wrong and there is probably some law about it saying I cant. I’m sorry Mr. Wooding for sounding rude in anyway but it’s all there. Every piece to make a second book, just as better as the first. Ever since I finished the book I cant stop having fantasies about what could happen next.. I don’t know why your book makes me so angry but I just want to read and read to find out what will come of the world. I mean Paul when he said, well thought “He had to keep them together. That was the important thing. Whatever this new world would bring, it belonged to them now. Not the adults, not the ones who unleashed this catastrophe. They’d had their chance, and now all their towers were toppling, and all they’d leave behind were ruins. But the new world would be faced by a new generation. A generation that would grow up in it and make it their own. If there was a war to be fought, they’d fight it. If there was a way to survive, they’d find it. The adults would squabble and fight and talk politics until it was too late, but the kids… well, the kids might just do better” right there, that part just makes me want to know what’s going to happen. You’re basically giving the kids a chance! I know my little message has probably done nothing and its because I’m just a 14 year old and I know nothing and that your reading this and not actually seeing/ hearing me say it so it just passes by. I apologize for wasting your time sir.. and i know i probably didn’t change your mind at all..

  13. Kaitlin Klies says:

    sorry for spelling errors i was typing fast and I’m just angry with you.

  14. Brooklyn says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m laughing at all the rage-messages you’re getting from people who want a sequel.

  15. Always leave ‘em wanting more, as my imaginary showbiz daddy used to say ;)

  16. @ Brooklyn- oh, and re: your last, when I’m doing signings I’ll let everyone know. The only one upcoming (which I’ll announce in a separate post shortly) is in Stockholm on the 25th June. More details to follow.

  17. Mr.Fox says:

    Loved this book. PLZ MAKE ANOTHER!!!!, ITS SUCH A CLIFF HANGER!!!!!

  18. Kaitlin Klies says:

    I’m still mad at you.

  19. Brooklyn says:

    Found something unusual at my local book store the other day. It was Storm Thief with the original cover. Not the one with the bird or the one with the creepy face, the shiny yellow cover with the guy on the front. I’m guessing they found it under the couch in the back and decided they could sell it anyways. Spoiler alert, they were right.

  20. Aliza G. says:

    Please make a sequel because I want to know what Paul comes up with while going South.
    Is Mr. Sutton dead or Infected?

  21. Aliza G. says:

    Please make a sequel because I want to know what Paul comes up with while going South.
    Is Mr. Sutton dead or Infected?


  22. Aliza G. says:

    I need another book I can’t stand it I just want you to make it a series.


  23. Brooklyn says:

    Guys stop asking for a sexual or he’ll disappear for another three months ;)

  24. Brooklyn says:


  25. Too late! See you in August!
    *runny feet*

  26. Joseph says:

    This was the best book i have ever read. Please Mr wooding i am begging you with my entire heart to make a sequel! You can’t just leave us hanging! With all due respect, it would be dumb for you not to make a sequel. Not only will your readers be happy but think of all the money you will make! Mmmmmmm Money!

  27. Cameron says:

    Why no sequel? I mean how can a book end like that and nt have a sequel. But still this is on my top list of favorite books. But it would be better if there was a sequel cause that would be amazing ya know?

  28. Mr. Book says:

    If you are making a sequeal i have one question: Could you possibly add Caitlyn to it? I mean the way her part ended was amazing but hey she could survive cosidering how in the book the nanos get around EVERYTHING!

  29. Mr.Book says:


  30. Mr.Book says:

    Also I agree with Cameron I think you can’t have a book end like that with out a sequel!!!!!!! It just not RIGHT!

  31. Paul says:

    I read the book in a day and a half, it was great, I got attached to each of the characters, each one reminded me of a version of myself, especially Paul, not just because my name happens to be Paul! Even Adam who seemed like a brute to me in the beginning ended up being one of my favorites! I love the ending, Freckles and Pudge were hilarious! It was perfect that they simply flew off to the south, not knowing what would come next but knowing they would find a way to adapt and survive, kinda like the enemy they were fighting. Overall I’d give this at the very least 9/10, amazing work! I would be ecstatic if I heard of a sequel, since this has become one of my favorite books already!

  32. lily says:

    please make a sequel i need to know if Paul and Erika end up together. ITS NOT FAIR MAKE ANOTHER ONE PLEASE. This is my favorite book right now but just please make a sequel, i need one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. JOHN says:

    Dude,pleeze make a seq. i need one! You can’t just end it like that! If you don’t make one i will cry my eyes out! WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  34. Quinn says:

    Please make a sequel. I give this book 5 stars but still, please make a sequel. Its so good but not cool at the end! What happens between Paul and Erika?

  35. Wednesday Addams says:

    Make a sequel please. I gots to know what happens between P and E! Please man please!

  36. Tiana says:

    Please make a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tyler says:


  38. yUNA says:


  39. uTOPIA says:


  40. Isabella says:

    Make a sequel please i beg of you, i cant stand not knowing if Ea dnP get together

  41. Olly says:

    please make a sequel beg of you. you have to. that book is awesome.but you know what, it would beeven better with one more book, how about 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1000000000000000000 booooooookkkkkkkkkkkksssssss! (all silver sequels)

  42. Penelope says:

    Can you be a good personand make a sequel to the book,ppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssssssseee! I begof you you must please!? Can e and p finally be together, its so obvious and adorable that e likes him back now!!!!! plleeaasse I needit in my body

  43. Bookworm says:

    Am i the only one who wants Caitlyn and Paul to be together??!! I think they are a cute pair and I feel really sad about her turning into an infected and i pity her. Could you pleaseeee make a sequel and if you are, can you pleaseeeee add Caitlyn in there. She is one of my favorite characters!!

  44. Bookworm says:

    I’M BEGGING YOUUUU!!! pleaseeeeeee make a 2nd book

  45. Theblooperbros says:

    Dear mr. Wooding
    I’m am greatly amazed by your story and dialogue, the way you described the characters was phonomoinal I’ve read the book in two days and I couldn’t put it down! I’m only 12 but I plan to publish a book of my own someday – preview Chapter 8
    A parallel dimension

    As I slowly walked home from school that

    day, air smelling sweet, I decided to take a shortcut, the alleyway,

    thats when something peculiar happened. A creature,

    slender, pure darkness as its body and pure light for eyes, confronted me

    the same one that visited my house. He walked over to me

    and it said “lethal interactive fast-paced Ethernet”

    “Pardon?” Then the creature smiled and leaned in closer.

    “L.I.F.E” -end of preview

    but the great amount of rigorous work you put into this fantastic story is amazing!
    And you really should make a sequel! You left all the readers hanging!
    It would mean everything if you could continue in a sequel, now, I’m not the author, but I’m just suggesting, since a lot of others are with me on this too.
    I hope you do make a sequel and if so I can’t wait!

  46. Brock says:

    Plz make sequel!!! It was amazing!!! I have read it over 5 times and i need a sequel. Or make a movie it would be freaking amazing!!!

  47. Skylar says:

    Dear Chris Wooding, my name is Skylar, I’m 10 and in 5th grade in Michigan. I loved your novel Silver and was wondering if there are any books similar to it that you or any other author wrote because I am aware that you will not be writing a sequel. I wish you would of told us what happened to them after, did they find a safe spot? I liked the book because it was very exciting and mysterious. When I was reading it I felt like I was in the book along with all the other characters. In conclusion, you did a great job, but I would love if you did make a sequel.

  48. Dominic says:

    So no matter how much I wanted a sequel and how much I was crushed in learing there wasn’t one, I understand why you didn’t make one, and I just think you should know this is possibly the best book I’ve ever read and I wanted to thank you for writing it, I loved every minute of it

  49. lily says:

    So i just finished your book two days ago and it was AMAZING but i have to agree with everyone so would you please make a sequel and if you do please add Caitlyn to the story because i think that Paul and Caitlyn would be so cute together.

  50. Thomas Watson says:

    Hello Mr. Wooding,
    I think that was probably the BEST book I’ve ever read in forever. I think that everybody agrees that you NEED to make a second book or we’ll start a plague of silver robotic zombies. Just kidding. xD Beside that point. I would like to say that was a great plot and I loved how the Infected evolved and adapted to the environment. I hope you can make more books like this even if there is not a sequel. Keep writing good books!
    Your Fan,
    Thomas Watson
    P.S. Please reply back

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