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Signing at Forbidden Planet on the 23rd June

Title says it all, really. I’ll be doing another book signing at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue in London on the 23rd of the month, which is a Thursday.  Other eminent SF/Fantasy authors who may want to scratch you with their pens on the day will include, but are not limited to, Tom Lloyd, Jaine Fenn, Mark Barrowcliffe and (99% certainty and rising) James Barclay. I’ll give you the full cast list when I’ve got it.

Come one, come all! I’m only moderately tiresome and almost completely non-lethal.


  1. Kath says:


    This June-month makes me wish I lived in England. Gah. XD
    (Oh well, maybe I’ll be able to attend some other con sometime. Still want to get BLC signed. Hah.)
    Anyhow, you have fun! *_*

  2. How many years I waited for you to do a signing at FP in London. Now I live in china and making the trip (while definantly worth it) would cost me a little too much. At least I got to bump into you before I left
    Have a Good one

  3. Ah, bad luck guys. I am the sasquatch of literature: rarely glimpsed, and liable to steal your pic-a-nic baskets when you’re not looking 😉

  4. red snow says:

    That’s quite a line-up and pretty clever marketing. I don’t know where FP will fit you all though.
    Looks like this may be a good chance to sample some of the other authors present as there’s a few turning up i’ve been contemplating reading. Very cunning FP and Gollancz Qk

  5. Yes, now there’s TEN authors attending. Blimey. Instead of writing them out I’ll just give everybody the link.

    It’s a horde. A HORDE, I tells ya!

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