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BLC MMP FYI (or, I Like Acronyms), and Alaizabel in Total Film Shocker!

Hey all,

First a reminder that The Black Lung Captain is now available in the UK in mass market paperback (ie the handy, cheap and pocket-sized paperbacks we all know and love instead of the big fat trade editions). It will get its first release July 26th in the US.

Second, Alaizabel made the Total Film ‘30 Books That Could Be The Next Harry Potter‘ list! Woo! Yes, I’ll take Fincher & McAvoy, thank you 😉 Before anyone asks, I have no news on the movie. We’ve only just got through all the contract bumph with Trademark Films, but all is now signed and done so they will presumably (hopefully) be getting to work on it very soon. News when I have it.

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