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Rolling along…

Slow news year. Seriously, unless something unexpected happens there will be literally nothing to report till the New Year; I’ll just be tapping away at The Ace Of Skulls. I should probably start filling this blog up with fluff about my personal opinions of people who play their headphones too loud on the Tube, or a lengthy blow-by-blow of my exploits on Football Manager 2013 when that comes out. Actually, no.

So here’s where I am: have hit the halfway point of The Ace Of Skulls. After a bit of a sticky patch it’s all going swell, and I’m over the hump and onto the downward slope towards the very end of the Ketty Jay series oh my god!!! Meanwhile I’ve been editing those old Broken Sky files but I have seriously, like seriously underestimated the amount of time it’s going to take to get them shipshape. This is gonna be a big job. I’m not even through the first one yet. Beginning to wish I hadn’t started it and just put them out as they were…

All forms of film news: nothing to report.

In the immortal words of House Stark: Autumn is boring.


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