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Pandemonium cover, Iron Jackal Delivered (Properly This Time), What I’m Up To Next


And better still, the whole graphic novel is full colour like this. I’ve seen some of Cassandra’s finished interior art and it’s utterly brilliant. It’s due to be released IN THE US ONLY on New Year’s Day. Contrary to the usual way of things with my books, the States will be getting it first, as this is a project done with the American arm of Scholastic. Other countries (including Britain) will get it later as individual publishers make their own arrangements. I’ll let you know about release dates when I do. Meantime, you can preorder it from Amazon US here.

Also, I’ve finally delivered the final final copyedited final version of The Iron Jackal, finally. It’s in the bag and set for Oct 20th in the UK. Don’t know for the States or other countries yet, as they have to cut their own deals: again, I’ll let you know when I do.

My next book is going to be another YA one before I do the 4th Ketty Jay. I’ll be able to tell you a bit about it very soon, am just waiting on the okay from Scholastic before I get into it; but I am fairly jigging with excitement. It WON’T be another Malice book, however: it’ll be a standalone. The will-he-won’t-he saga of Malice 3 has dragged on a long time now, for which I apologise. The delay was because of business decisions between the various arms of Scholastic that I can’t really go into, and all that took ages to sort out, and it’s still not entirely done. There still may or may not be another one further down the line, but it probably won’t be for a while if so.

More soon…


  1. Katya says:


    I’m so pre-ordering the comic book! Even though I’m twice as old as the ages specified on Amazon. But I’m not happy that the US will get it first.

    Traitor… 😛

    On the other hand, I’m psyched about the Iron Jackal. Can’t wait to read what Frey is up to this time <3

  2. red snow says:

    That cover looks cool. Reminds me of Sasuke from “Naruto”.
    Great to hear that the final, final edit of Iron Jackal is complete. Happy to wait a while for the next, next Ketty Jay installment as long as there is one (unless Iron Jackal is some kind of blood bath and none of the crew are left)

  3. @ Katya – I think the age specification is too young anyway. I’ve read a lot of adult comics that are more childish and simplistic than Pandemonium is. Think more 8-80 for the age range.

    @ red snow – yes, there’s definitely a 4th. Can’t say who’s going to live to be in it, though 😉

  4. Sean says:

    Hi Chris

    Is there any news from your IT Guys yet on the release of ‘The Braided Path’? As websites still have not got it up for pre-order. 🙁

  5. We’re still on it: there’s been a bit of a bibliographic mess-up somewhere down the line. They keep fixing it and it keeps not working 🙁 Hopefully it will be sorted out before the actual release date…

    You can pre-order it from, though.

  6. Joe says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Iron Jackal, as the Ketty Jay introduced me to your work. I’m, still undecided whether to stick with the large Paperbacks or go Hardback with this one.

    BTW, the new cover for the Braided Path is excellent.

  7. Jord says:

    hiya. if there is a malice 3, then will seth & justin still be in? (i am sorry if I am annoying you with my malice questions but I love it sooooooooooo much (i am still going for seth if there are auditions for it though)) plus if the haunting of alaizabeth cray will be a film, could i be thaniel (i also like acting) thanks

    jordan day

  8. Onreii says:

    i would enjoy reading that. it looks, awesome to say the least. that book is gonna be big. i hope to read it soon. now to another book, malice. idk how there will be a 3rd. if u read havoc, then u kno wat happens (im not sayin, cuz some mite not have read it) so how do u make a 3rd outta that. now a movie, yes. that can be done, but a 3rd of malice, to me, would take a lot of creativity. i love malice and havoc, and most likely, i’ll love this book too.

  9. Jord says:

    @Onreii you are dead right about malice & havoc so good on ya

  10. @ Jord – I should imagine Seth & Justin would be in the book, although they might not necessarily be the main characters. As to the films, I have nothing to do with casting, soz.

    @ Onreii – I always had an idea for what I would do next in the world of Malice, but then again I quite like the ending as it is. But if there is a Book 3, don’t worry, I’ve got plans, it’s all in hand 😉

  11. Katya says:

    Might as well butt in with the Malice convo. Finished reading Havoc two days ago and, as much as I loved the ending and kinds wanted it to stay that way, I feel that there’re still rather a lot of possibilities for Seth and Justin and Kady to appear once again in the third installment. Also, I was well impressed with the 3D cover of Malice, when it came! I literally bounced off the walls when I touched the books.

  12. Christo Viljoen says:

    Dear Chris

    First of all I would like to thank you for the Ketty Jay and her motley crew it is a series I have found very enjoyable.

    Would it be possible for you to tell me how many hardcover books were printed of Retribution Falls as there do not seem to be many around and here in Australia we seem to have been left out completely. I have found copies for up to $220 so I was wondering if the book ever went to a second printing?

    I’m really looking forward to the Iron The Iron Jackal and would dearly like to obtain a signed copy, any advice as to how I could buy one would appreciated.


  13. Hi Christo,

    I don’t know how many hardcovers of Ret Falls were printed… probably only 1500 or so since it tends to only be collectors who buy those editions. All the subsequent print runs were for TPB and MMP editions, sorry.

    Daft as it sounds, I actually don’t know how you would get a signed copy. On the (admittedly rare) occasions I go and do signings the bookstore often has stock sent by collectors for me to sign, so you could wait for me to announce a signing and then contact the bookstore, but beyond that, er…. It’s probably best to write to Gollancz about it, I’m sure they have some system in place…

  14. Zach says:

    Oh my god! I better get that, I only ever buy hardcover books! If they run out I think I would die!

  15. Denise says:

    Hi, just thought I’d jump in and let you know that Pandemonium will be published in Canada at the same time it comes out in the U.S. (January 2012). Full disclosure: I work for Scholastic Canada. 🙂

  16. Thanks for that 😉

    Also, I just this second heard that it’s getting pushed back to February in the US as we’re cutting it a liiiittle fine with the artwork: I presume that will apply to Canada too (unless you guys have some kind of quantum imaging system that can publish books in the future. Which would be cool.)

  17. Sethmo says:

    Chris: If there is a Malice 3, can you expand a bit more on the Cripplespite and Crowfinger? As soon as I found out about crowfinger, I immediately thought: That guy is probably awesome. As for Cripplespite, He can actually be there, yeah?

  18. McKenna says:

    Who’s the boy on the cover? I don’t have the book and mom said I can’t get it so I want to know his name for some reason.

  19. McKenna says:

    Dear Chris,
    I have read your book “Storm Thief.” It was the best book that I have ever read! My favorite part was when Flinch turned on Bane by outsmarting him. But I liked the whole book. At the end of the book, I felt sorry for Vago because he was all alone in the middle of the ocean.

  20. Aydreaai says:

    @McKenna the boy is Seifer Tombchewer, the main character.

    Hey, Chris! If (scribble out) When you write the sequel, tell Cassandra to make it all in color again! That was awesome! I’ve read a whole bunch of other graphic novels, but most of them were only color for a few pages, then they turned black and white. I know it’s expensive, but it’s way more enjoyable to read! Please make a sequel soon!

  21. Aydreaai says:

    Just finished Havoc, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by the ending. I mean, I know the main conflict was solved and all… but I felt like there were so many unanswered questions. And they shouldn’t have gone to separate worlds! I thought there was going to be a sequel, until I Googled it and saw that every mention of the book said it was the conclusion. It just didn’t seem like a good place to end the series.

  22. Susana says:

    Hi, I have just read Pandemonium and fallen in love with it! I found it absolutely thrilling and am dying to know if there’s a sequel in the plans, specifically a release date for the US 😉

  23. Hey Susana,

    Unfortunately it’s not up to me. I’m still waiting on Scholastic to give me the okay or not for writing another, since they have to commission all the art etc. I’ll post up here when I know.

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