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So! Rather unexpectedly, a few weeks ago the artist for Pandemonium turned in pencil sketches for the entire graphic novel, all panelled out and everything. And they are totally hyper awesome. I danced. And, because I’m tragic, I ROFLcoptored at my own jokes, although in my defence I had forgotten them all as it’s been, like, five years since I wrote the thing.

No idea how long it will take Cassandra to do the finals – probably six months to a year, to be honest – but Pandemonium is now definitely actually getting drawn. Which means it will definitely actually get published. To which I say: Yay.

In Braided Path news (bet you never thought you’d hear Braided Path news!), some of you may have noticed that this had recently become very hard to get on Amazon or wherever. This is because it’s been allowed to run out of print. But wait! Put down your scythes, angry mob! It’s out of print because it’s going to be re-released around April time, in a sparkly new uber slick deluxe mega edition with a new cover by Larry Rostant . I am excited for the pretty.

Have just delivered new draft of All Fall Down. Back on The Iron Jackal, which is rocking along now. The release date is still officially August next year, but we’re gonna re-evaluate in the New Year depending on how far I’ve got by that point and how quickly Production can turn it all around. Otherwise it’ll probably be knocked back to October-ish, as I mentioned before.

Oh yeah, happy Hallowe’en. I shall be camping by my door with a flamethrower waiting for witches.


  1. Katya says:

    I’m SO buying that graphic novel! :O I danced as I read the news about it. EEE! (Yes, that was a fangirl scream…) Can’t wait!

    I won’t be a happy bunny if you won’t release The Iron Jackal on time. I don’t want to wait for *that* long :c It just won’t be fair and as for All Fall Down, you got any idea when that’s coming out? Just so that I can psyche myself for the date 😛

    I appologies if my rumblings sound like ones of a compete nutter and if I scare you. I don’t mean to be like that, it’s that rabbit over there, in the corner, with the pocket watch, the one that keeps rocking back and forth and mumbles something about being late. Honest. Really. See, here’s the picture of it -points-

    Btw, did you manage to fry any witches?

  2. It’s not a question of when, it’s a question of if All Fall Down is coming out at this stage. Movies ain’t like books, they’re nigh on impossible to get pushed through the production process. For every movie you watch at the cinema, there’s a blillion that never made it. Right at the moment it’s way too early to know.

    No fried witches, I’m afraid. It was easier back in the day, when kids used to just wander around door-to-door trick-or-treating. Now they travel in armoured cars with a full honour guard.

  3. David says:

    Wait- you’re releasing a graphic novel? How have I not been aware of this?

    Also, by “sparkly new uber slick deluxe mega edition” do you mean it is going to be in one huge book?

    Some birthdays for next year now have their present, it seems =D

  4. @ David: Yup. All three volumes. Rumours are the re-release will be hardback, just to uber up the omnibusosity, though not confirmed yet 😉

  5. Michael says:

    Hi my name is Michael I had read Malice and Havoc and these books gave me the inspiration to write my own short stories. Their nowhere near your level because I am much younger. I wrote to you to ask you if you could write another book for the Malice and Havoc books. That would men the world to me.

    Your greatest fan, Mike

  6. colin says:

    oh my god… i read your graphic novel and i can’t wait for the new one!!!

    your newest fan

  7. D.D says:

    Pandemonium 2?????? PLEASE its such a great graphic novel i hope there is a sequal and a presequal :P:]

  8. Elyana says:

    Hi, My friends and I love your book but we are wanting another book, you just left us hanging man. Please make another book. AND FAST!!!!! PLEASE. We love it!

  9. Micahyah says:

    I cant wait for pandemonium 2 and all your books and graphic novels but please email me updates on pandemonium 2

  10. Micahyah says:

    Hi my name is micahyah,and I loved pandemonium.But were is number 2. You cant leave your favorite fan waiting.And I would suggest just give me one but great graphic novels jlike this have to be shared with the world.So I say again is there gonna be a sorry for rambling.

    Sincerly, WERE IS THE SEQUAL MAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Micahyah says:

    Ps. Please respond your fans are waiting.

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