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Progress Report #3456A/7

Alright boys and girls, Chris has been busy.

So I’ve got seven chapters in the bag for the revamped version of The Iron Jackal. I’ve been faffing around with the title but I think I’m sticking with the one I’ve got now. The titular Iron Jackal wasn’t in the reworked version originally but I think I’m bringing he/she/it back in cos they’re frankly so damn badass. Anyway, am belting along with it now, so its looking good.

The option for the Malice movie has been renewed, which is great news as it means that the producers have bought themselves another eighteen months of development time. Progress has been slow but steady up till now, but the process of writing and reworking scripts can take an age. Updates as and when.

Speaking of Malice, I was very happy to learn that it won the Leeds Book Award in the 11-14 category this year. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go and receive the award, and was duly punished by karma when the award turned up in the post smashed in a dozen pieces 🙁 Lesson learned…

I delivered the first draft of All Fall Down (God, I hate that name, it has to go…) which was naturally received with the kind of reverence usually reserved for sacred tablets and dried bits of saints. Currently in meetings with the producers for the first draft polish, which is movie language for ‘the second draft.’

And because I’m feeling musical, here’s the five songs currently dominating my iPod.

Bubbles by Biffy Clyro

American English by Idlewild

Liquid Confidence by You Me At Six

The King Is Dead by A Wilhelm Scream (with apologies for the rubbish makeshift YouTube video)

Makers by Rocky Votolato (ditto)

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