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Not a vast amount of news, since I’ve been buried in The Iron Jackal, but let me magic something up.

Am on, er, chapter 39 of about 46 now. Bombing through it. It’ll probably be about the same length as The Black Lung Captain when I’m done – I may yet go back and cut out a chapter or two, which I’ll save for the next book. That means we’re all still looking good for an August release, as per Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, ignore the blurb they’ve put up. It’s so far beyond wrong it’s… well, I can’t think of an accurate comparison, but it’s pretty wrong. None of that stuff happens in the book.

After that I’ll be back on Vendetta, which is the current working title for the movie-that-used-to-be-called All Fall Down.

Cover for The Iron Jackal and the revamped Braided Path coming very soon. The design dept is just tweaking font size and stuff like that. I’ll post ’em up as soon as they’re finished.

Cassandra Diaz is busy doing her artwork sorcery for Pandemonium – I probably won’t get to see it till it’s all done now, so it’ll be a while. No movement on the Malice movie.

Also, it’ll soon be Eastercon time again! It takes up the Easter weekend, and this year it’s in Birmingham. I’ll be there all day Friday and Saturday, I should think, and I may well be appearing on a panel or two – I’ll know when the organisers get the schedule together. News when I have it, as ever.

Back to work…


  1. Bluephoenix says:

    for a second I thought you meant Birmingham, Alabama, USA and I almost started going crazy planning a road trip. Then I realized there’s a Birmingham, UK, and went back to my dreary wont-see-Chris-Wooding-again-for-a-long-long-time life.
    Also, glad to hear work is progressing so well for you! Got The Black Lung Captain for Christmas and have been furiously cursing the schooling that has kept me from it thus far…

  2. Trevor says:

    You’re quite the trooper. As soon as I had both Ketty Jay books I’d finished ’em in about two weeks or so.

    Glad The Iron Jackal is moving along though. Just finished all 500 pages of The Host after being twisted into reading it and I want something…. Good. And with less rambling. Much, much less rambling.

  3. Gizmo says:

    I actually can’t believe how amazing all your books are! I started reading Malice and Havoc and I could not put them done! I finished them both in maybe 3 or 4 days!

    A Malice movie would be amazing (and amazing to star in…lol ignore the actor in me coming out) Hope it all works out and you can get it into production! I actually planned out a whole trailer teaser for Malice that I was planning on filming once I got a chance, so to see a real one would be pretty epic!

    I’m going to stop rambling on like a crazy fan kid now, Good Luck Finishing The Iron Jackal!

  4. Zach says:


    Hey, let me first start with saying hey, and how awesome all of your writing is, I have almost all of your books and can’t get over any of them. There are only a few of which I haven’t yet read such as Crashing, End Game, and Catchman, I am obsessing over The Iron Jackal’s release and waiting on the shipment of Malice and Havoc to arrive so I can craze over yet another set of your books. Gotta say the Braided Path is probably by far my favorite series in the whole wide world. But I have a question regarding The Tales of the Ketty Jay, do you happen to know Claudio Sanchez, or are you familiar with Coheed and Cambria?

  5. Ah, you spotted the Delirium Trigger reference. Yeah, C&C are pretty much my favourite band, so I tipped a hat to them with Trinica’s frigate 😉 Heh.

  6. Josh says:

    Hey Chris, you ever thought about, or been offered to sell the audio rights to your books?

  7. @ Josh – Poison and Kerosene are out in audiobook. Usually you have to wait for audiobook companies to make an offer for the books: they’re a time-consuming business, so they don’t do all that many.

    @ Bluepheonix – You should come back to Europe and stop messing around in America then 😉

  8. Zach says:

    Yeah I saw Delirium Trigger and went crazy. That’s so awesome though! Coheed and Cambria have been my favorite band for a very long time and when I saw that reference I wondered if my favorite author and my favorite band were somehow connected. Its so cool now that I know we have the same favorite band. 🙂

  9. Michael says:

    Is something up with the re-release of The Braided Path ominbus re-release? My pre-order just got canceled.

  10. Naomi says:

    Yeah, I’m curious about the Braided Path omnibus release as well. My order was canceled too 🙁

  11. @ Michael and Naomi – the re-release is still on schedule. My best guess is that maybe Amazon have cancelled all orders on the old omnibus, which is now out of print, instead of doing the sensible thing which would be to transfer the orders to the new hardcover omnibus, which is here. I imagine you’ll have to make new pre-orders if you want to buy that one. The cover art’s not up on Amazon yet cos it’s not been finalised (trust me though, it’s gorgeous) but to my knowledge everything is still ok for an April 21st release.

  12. Oh wait, apparently you can’t pre-order from there either…

    I don’t know, then. I suppose it’s just Amazon’s systems getting confused. Maybe in a week or so they’ll have sorted it out and will be allowing pre-orders on the book, but it’s definitely an Amazon issue rather than something to do with my publishers. Sorry for the hassle 🙁

  13. death by taco says:

    How-de-doo Chris.I’m glad you took my suggestion of updating your blog. 😉 Anywhooooo in class (grade 7) we could recomend(<—-i spelt that wrong) a book to our teacher to read.I said Malice and got a friend to do it too,because I thought it was a vote.Instead of Malice we got stuck reading stupid City Of Ember ! ): .But aaaanyways I’m writing this on my dsi(not sure if you have those)but I’m tired of typing with a stylus.


    P.S. I also recommended a book by Gabriel Lord but that’s a different story K.I.T.

  14. death by taco says:

    ooops forgot to ask ‘is malice a real word?definition if it is plz 🙂

  15. death by taco says:

    wtf i wrote a whole lot more in first paragraph that got deleted! 🙁 :O .make up for it here I failed to spread Malice around.Now all the stupid kids I hate won’t get eaten by the time keepet,run over by the train ,eaten by chitters,chased by nuclear misquitos,get their heads chopped up in the oubliette and they won’t get killed by Tall Jake.Could you imagine how much our population would go down if everyone knew about Malice?Sadly you would die to because you would drown in money. see ya for real this time-DBT

  16. :P says:

    Death By Taco is my new favorite person. 😀

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