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Free Music? Why not?

Not particularly related to anything booky, but sort of related to me which is why it’s here. Back in the day before my ears caved in I used to play in a few bands, like. And now I hear that Bombed Out, the record label that my last band was on, has just put out a free-to-download 18-track album sampler featuring all the bands they’ve put out in their 13-year history. So if you fancy some free UK-style melodic punk/hardcore goodness, or you’re just curious to hear what the inside of Joseph’s Well in Leeds sounded like on any given Saturday night in the early years of the new millennium, you can download it here. Of course, if that ain’t your bag, move along, nothing to see here.

And for those who are interested, I’m playing bass on track 4. Ahem.


  1. Jord says:

    i never knew that you were a musician! what instrument(s) do you play? i play the flute, but i am in deep trouble with my mum because I turned up to my lesson about 2 weeks ago & it was broken & i hit a phonecall home about it. what would you do, sacrifice a school trip to spain
    or no pocket money for a year?

  2. Darks says:

    Chris! This is good stuff. I looked up your old band, Remainderfour, the song Homebody is stellar. The other stuff is good as well. Where can I get the CD! Looks like nowhere….

  3. Darks says:

    Ha! Nevermind, looks like Bombed out has a store. I put in an order 🙂

  4. @ Jord – Go to Spain. Everyone should go visit other countries. Half the world’s problems would be fixed if everyone stopped thinking their country was Teh Best Country Evar and went and hung out at their neighbour’s place for a bit 😛

    @ Darks – Thanks! Support your local DIY label 🙂 Store is here, by the way.

  5. Jord says:

    can i just say that i am actually very well travelled. i have lived in italy for 2 years, holland for another 2 years & england the remaining 9. i have also been to america, lanzarote, scotland, germany, france, finland, luxembourg & austria all on holidays. i am going to finland again this christmas (to another part) & australia next summer.

  6. I didn’t mean to imply you weren’t; I was just making a general comment that I think everyone should get out of their own country and go look around if they have the opportunity.

  7. Darks says:

    Well, it isn’t local at all for me (not that it really matters), but I like supporting what I think sounds good. I am Canadian (an exceptionally poor travelled one, haha), but Bombed Out seemed to offer worldwide shipping, which is pretty great. We’ll see how that ends up working out. In the meantime, I’ll just pop into the website every once in awhile to listen to Homebody. Love it.

  8. Ha, no, I meant myself. Me supporting my local… oh, never mind. God, I’m having a communication fail today on all fronts. Just ignore me. 😉

  9. Darks says:

    Haha. It’s all good Chris. The interwebz are a magnet for miscommunication.

  10. Thanks for the plug Chris – hope you’re well!

    Darks – got your order and it’s ready for posting. 🙂

  11. Darks says:

    Great, thanks Steve! Just got the email saying it has shipped. Hopefully it makes its way over the ocean okay 😀

  12. Brooklyn says:

    Chris I carved Tall Jake on my pumpkin for Halloween!!!!!!! Some kid came to my door and he was like “oh I know that guy! he was from a started with a M.” Then he looks expectently at my mom.”Ummm” she says out of memory. “Misery?” The kid kinda scowled,got some candy then left. Heh heh heh I’m such a Malice nerd :3

  13. Brooklyn says:

    Yup. Damn right 😉 .Malice is in Canada too. Are you planning on making a 3rd Malice? If you do I think you should write about the fight between T.J. and The S….. (no spoilers)

  14. Jord says:

    @Brooklyn i think that i am a bit of a malice geek too! speaking of which, chris, are they actually bothering to go ahead with the malice movie or are they going to shove the idea into a little box and then continue with they idea when we are about twenty or so. i still think that I could play seth or justin because my drama teacher has said that my acting was, and I quote “absolutely brilliant acting!”. I was acting out a short horror sketch based on malice, so that proves that i am good enough to act. i could send you a video audition if it ever goes forward…

  15. @ Brooklyn – Not sure yet, depends on a lot of things. I have to finish Silver first and then write another Ketty Jay book so it’ll be at least a year before I even have to make a decision on it… Soz.

    @ Jord – I did say the pace of the movie industry was glacial. Currently nothing’s happening on it, so yeah, probably when you’re twenty…. Or your kids are…

  16. Zachary Traver says:

    Hey Chris,
    Safe to say that I will without a doubt be downloading the music on that track.
    I have been reading your books for years now, and when I say years I mean I read all of your books repeatedly, and I recently recieved a project at my school in which I must mail a celebrity a letter in hopes that they will reply. Of course, you would be the first celebrity, in my opinion, that I could think of. Sadly, I cannot seem to find your mailing address or an address in which the mail will reach you. If you wouldn’t mind it would be fantastic if you could send me a mailing address so that I can send you a letter for my project, I would greatly appreciate it.

    One of your greatest fans,
    Zachary Traver

  17. Hey Zachary,

    I’m honoured to be the first… ahem… ‘celebrity’ that you thought of. Unfortunately I’m now gonna knock myself way down the list 😛 Let me explain…

    Being a rather private person who only has a presence on the internet at all because his editor menaces him with a taser every so often, I’m afraid I don’t give out my mailing address to anyone (or even my email). The only way a letter gets to me is through my publishers, and that takes such a long time that your project would likely be over by the time I even saw it, much less got back to you (I’m a horribly slow letter-answerer). That’s if it got to me at all, since the postmen in my area are either numerically dyslexic or they like to post letters through the wrong mailboxes on purpose in the hope of fostering community spirit as we all run here and there giving our neighbours’ post back to them.

    All of which is a rather long and apologetic way of saying, if you have anything to say to me, you’re welcome to say it on here; but if you need someone to send you a letter back for your project this side of 2014, you might want to send it to someone else 🙁

  18. Greg says:

    Love that track Chris. I find it hard to say anything on here that someone else hasn’t already said but I’ve been a huge fan of your books for about 8 years now and I can’t wait for new releases.
    Is there any chance Broken Sky will ever be bound in a single volume? If not, oh well. Take care sir.
    God bless bro.

  19. Aw, thanks. Respect to you long-time campaigners 😉

    As to BSky, I doubt it. It took me years of nagging to get Scholastic to bind it up into a trilogy, which is how I originally wanted it. I think they just might crack if I started demanding an omnibus…

  20. Zachary Traver says:

    Hey Chris,
    Well it was worth a shot, there is a chance I might send you a letter through your publishers just for the heck of it regardless. I should do fine anyways, my teacher is all that concerned with mailing them out anyways. Haha. I’ll just right a fake letter to you and then maybe send it to Gollancz in hopes of your receiving it.

    And on Greg’s note, Broken Sky in trilogy form is just as wonderful as it would be in a single book form, so I would definitely recommend getting that series to anyone has hasn’t read them. They are magical. 🙂

    As is all of Chris’ writing.

    Thanks again Chris!

  21. Haha, well here’s hoping I get it eventually 😛 Gollancz will pass it on sooner or later, then if it can run the gauntlet of my postmen, maybe one day I will see it… one day… *stares off into the distance*

  22. Zachary Traver says:

    Exactly, always worth a shot, right? 🙂 *

  23. Laneth says:

    Another reason you’re my hero. 😀

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