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It’s EasterconΒ again! This time in London. Residents of Hatton Cross are already barring their doors and sealing up the windows with the blood of a recently baptised goat.

Since it’s in the city where I live there’s really no excuse for me not to turn up and blaze a flaming swathe through the bar area. I shall be attending on the Friday and Saturday, and possibly crawling in on Sunday morning so all can behold my ruined and broken remains, that I may serve as a warning to others. In between I’ll be sitting on a couple of panels, one about constructing and using magic/technological systems in stories and another about worldbuilding, cos I can rattle on about that stuff for ages. Both are on Saturday at the moment, though it’s possible things will be shifted around a bit before the event.

This year George R R Martin is among the guests of honour, so it should be a good ‘un.

See you there!


  1. Jord says:

    hi! what is eastercon? i have never heard of it. ive finished my poster but the only thing is that i dont know how to post a picture on the forum. can you tell me how?

  2. Post up the file on something like or, get the link, and post it on the forum. I think if you click the little ‘insert image’ icon on the message and put the link inside that, it’ll come up on the forum.

  3. Jake says:

    Hi Chris. I’m Jake, an American teenager and I just finished reading Havoc. Before I knew about Malice, I had read many different graphic novels, specifically the Bone series (which you should look into if you haven’t already). I am an avid reader of regular old novels as well, though, so when I first laid eyes on Malice, I was intrigued by the idea of a novel mixed with comics. This was in late 2009, and since then I have reread the book three times have waited longingly for the sequel to be published. Little did I know it had been published back in 2010, which I realized while I searched Malice on the computer this past time I read it (quite recently, actually). I saw that Havoc was out and I rushed to the library to get it as soon as possible. I finished it in a matter of days, and it is now Malice and Havoc are my two favorite books, and I’ve read a LOT of books. I just want to say that although I am sad that this stunning duology is finally through, there are so many great things to congratulate you on. The one thing that grasped me the most was the creativity of the whole plot. You began simply, like any good writer should, then built and expanded Malice to epic proportions. I love the idea that a whole world can form inside someone’s brain like that. Anyways, thank you for writing such an amazing novel, and email me if you wish. P.S: happy pi day! ~Jake C.

  4. Karen Carlson says:

    Gah! Eastercon sounds so awesome! I want to fly over to Europe so I can listen to your speeches. Or, better yet, you should come to San Diego, California for Comic-con *nodnod* That would be awesome!

    Have fun at Eastercon for all us lame Americans who can’t make it. ;p And good luck with your speeches! :]


  5. Zach S says:

    Hey Chris,

    Happy Easter first of all, hope your enjoying your day. I am a high school senior preparing to head off to college. I have long been inspired by your writing and because of that, you are the single greatest reason that I have decided to go to college, in the US where I live, and major in Writing, so thank you more than I could ever put into words.
    For the time being, I am in a creative writing class and was recently assigned the task of writing a fantasy story. Fantasy is my preferred form of literature to read and genre to write. Although I am an aspiring author, I have a long way to go. I was wondering and would greatly appreciate it, if you could give me a few tips on creating a fantasy setting where the characters I create could thrive. Also if you have any steps or any other help in creating a believable, enticing plot, I would be ecstatic.

    Thank you,
    Zach S.

  6. Luisa says:

    If you have any heart left after being locked up in your tower writing a horror/fantasy world you should WRITE A THIRD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today I read Malice and Havoc and then went to see if there was a third and what do I see but a post by you saying that you probably won’t be writing one!
    You absolutely HAVE to write a third one, or at least write a prequel!

    No offense or demands meant πŸ™‚

  7. I have no heart, it’s a well documented fact. Malice 3 isn’t entirely up to me, my publishers have to approve it first as they have to spend a lot of money hiring an artist to draw the interior art. They wanted a standalone book first (which is Silver) and then MAYBE a third Malice book after that. But by the time I get to writing that it’ll be at least next year, since I have to write the fourth Ketty Jay book first. So there may be one in the distant future, but there may not be, depending on the publisher and how I feel in nine months’ time or so.

    Anyways, the ending for Havoc was supposed to be the end, not a lead-in to a sequel. If you’ve read any of my other books, you’ll know I don’t often do a perfect happy-ever-after πŸ˜‰ I don’t believe in ’em.

  8. @ Zach – Happy Easter back! Tips for creating a fantasy world would be a looooong post. Best I can suggest is if you trawl through the oldest posts in this site, I think there’s three posts entitled ‘Uncle Chris’s Writing Tips’ or something that tackle various aspects of plotting and writing fantasy. Other than that, there’s an extremely handy worldbuilding checklist here. Beyond that, I’m sure there’s a lot of googlable stuff out there, but to give you any really useful tips I’d have to write, like, proper well-articulated blog posts and stuff, and as anyone round here will tell you, that doesn’t happen often πŸ˜›

  9. Also, lots of great posts about the art and process of worldbuilding by Stephen Deas, here.

  10. Gwen Bailey says:

    Hey Chris I was wondering if you’re ever going to travel to the USA to do a book signing. It would be great for the fans over here.
    I also believe don’t really believe in happy ending and I think that is why I like your books so much because it leaves you hanging and wanting more. πŸ™‚


  11. Hey Gwen. No plans at the moment, but I’ll post it up here if I do.

  12. Blunderbess says:

    I’ve been your fan for a decade (which sounds much more impressive in type than ‘ten years’) and I have nothing… nothing important to contribute. To this conversation. <:I Except that Gwen is right and you should do a USA tour. Or just, you know, a visit.

  13. Jord says:

    or even better, do a uk & usa tour! (come to lincoln, please!)

  14. Malicefan says:

    Regarding your answer on the third book, I wanted to say that I do sort of want to know what happens next? What about the Lack, the Queen of Cats, and the Shard? Do they give the new age of peace and democracy? Do they make things worse in the world? What if Tall Jake somehow rises from the ashes when the hatred of the world brings him to life? What if someone else brings him to life? What if he gets a friend? Maybe Tall Jake’s early life story is one that needs to be told!

    I understand that there are many hings you have to do, and i understand it may be difficult. I just believe there’s more to this and I don’t want to have to go off writing a fanfiction that may or may not bring Malice a good name when the master himself can do it.

  15. MaliceFreak says:

    Oh, and to clarify: I don’t believe in happy endings either.


  16. Brooklyn says:

    hi chris. i know its up to your publishers about Malice3 but is there any way you can convince them? and the movie is not being done now is it πŸ™ ?

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