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New Site

It must be tough. First you checked the site daily, eager for news. Then, when nothing came, you started checking weekly. Then monthly. Finally, accustomed to the glacial pace of my updates, you set fire to all my books and cursed me to various shades of Hades for not updating. Like, ever.

So here’s my Diwali surprise for the weary faithful who still look me up every so often. New site! New site! And after this redesign by my rather wonderful webmaster, I can stop being envious of those other mean sites which have been bullying mine for so long.  Sites with things like comment functions, archives, and all manner of sorcery along those lines. Sites with authors who blog about their daily lives as well as dispensing nuggets of valuable information about their craft and writing articles and reviews and suchlike. Joe Abercrombie, I’m looking at you!

Updates and general tweaking to follow soon. I still have to get to grips with some of the groovy editing functions laid on for me. In the meantime, drop in, leave a comment, introduce yourself.

More soon. Honest.

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