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Kneel, Pestilent English Serfs!

A vast nothingness to report. Iron Jackal has not moved on ’cause I’ve been writing the first draft of All Fall Down. Don’t fret, though, it’s still well in hand for the end of the year (he said, with the kind of blithe confidence that makes editors sweat and makes Chris wish he had an Internet Delete button come Christmas time). Nar, seriously, since I’ve done all the planning on it beforehand, the rest ought to be relatively easy.

And, er, that’s it. Apart from the week I spent in a little town off Lake Maggiore in Italy, scarfing pasta and going all mahogany coloured. That was nice.

Also, apparently I’m related to William the Conqueror. So my Dad tells me, anyway, who’s been doing a bunch of genealogy research on our family tree. This was doubly interesting news, since my friend has long known that her family was descended from William the Conqueror’s servants. Much hilarity was had by all, until I gloated a bit too much and she roundhouse-kicked me over the horizon.

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