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I Am A Sloth

So a month has passed and I’m not exactly sure how, since I seem to be in the same place as when I last blogged. Oh, wait, I know what I did: I edited the first quarter of the Iron Jackal, and now it’s slicker than a greased otter. And I also spent some time editing Pandemonium for Scholastic US, which was a really weird experience, as I haven’t read it for, like, 5 years. After I finished laughing at my own jokes (I know, I know, I’m a walking tragedy) I found that I’d laid in clues for things to happen later on in the series and I’d forgotten what I actually intended to happen. So that took a bit of clipping to get into shape.

Anyway, it is intended to be the first part of several, though whether it will be or not is up to Scholastic, due to the astronomical time and expense involved in producing graphic novels. But the first volume is pretty much standalone, so don’t fret, my pretties.

Still in prelim meetings for All Fall Down, but everything’s progressing well. I’m also throwing a bunch of really big-idea SF movie pitches at some producers I know, and I’ve got the taste for screenwriting back so I’m knocking around another kind-of-SF script idea that I think I’m gonna write just for the hell of it just cos it’s so mind-bendingly awesome (he trilled modestly). But no worries, The Iron Jackal is still well on schedule for an end of year delivery and it will be out around June/July 2011.

Right, it’s too sunny to be inside any more. This being Britain, it’s probably the only glimpse of summer we’re going to get all year, so I’d better go take advantage of it…

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