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Ember Blade Release Date now September 20th

For those who’ve pre-ordered, the Ember Blade release date has been pushed back a few months to September to fit in with publishing schedules (and cos it took ages to edit). Apologies. Sept 20th, for definite! You can pre-order the hardback here.




  1. Mariusz says:

    Hi. Is there a way to contact you Chris? I know it’s not the place for questions like this but I can’t find your email or Facebook account.

  2. Ysabel Mystic of Fairyland says:

    AAAAAaaaand I’m American

  3. Mariusz says:

    Hi. Sorry if I bother you with my comment but it’s very important for me. Maybe I should start with introducing myself and why I want to contact you. I’m working as an Assistant professor in a Polish University. With a group of student we want to create a game based on your book “Poison”. So I would like to talk with you about a licence. Please contact me on the given e-mail.

  4. Kelly (Bluephoenix) says:

    how exciting! I’m definitely ready to see you build another new world, I can’t wait!

    (also I just saw the post about you having a baby?? congrats!!)

  5. Dean.B says:

    I’m curious, as I want to purchase in the way that best directly supports Chris as a career Author, are these Amazon links the best way to do so? Or is there an alternate online store that ensures Chris will get as much of the direct support from the purchase as possible? (I.e, personal profit rather than big company profit.)

    Any opinion would be great, thank you, and I look forward to a lovely new world.

    – Dean.B

  6. Dean – best way to support authors is to buy the ebook version; generally they get a bigger cut of that than paperbacks. But hardback is pretty good too, especially if you buy it from your local bookstore.

    Mariusz – sorry, I didn’t see your messages till now. I’ll get in touch.

  7. For Americans and other non-UK folk BookDepository has you covered until it can be released in your country.

  8. Dean.B says:

    Thanks a lot for that Chris, I’m a hardback man so ill see if my stores in Australia get that version in, and if not, ill go via the Amazon link you provided.

    All the best.

  9. Brooklyn says:

    So I’m re-reading the Ketty Jay series… and I think I found a typo in The Iron Jackal. Or an oversight. Something. Just wondering why the character Riss is suddenly referred to as Rinn haha. Simple mistake?

  10. We’re super excited for this new release and would love to help you spread the word with a free blitz in September! I couldn’t find a way to contact you, so shoot me an email and I can let you know details.

  11. Amanda says:

    So excited to get another book from one of my favorite authors. Poison changed my life when I was younger and I give it a reread every few years. Then I picked up Retribution Falls at the library and I was hooked. I recommend the Ketty Jay series to everyone who asks and I even have bought a few copies as gifts. My point to writing this though is because I see Mariusz wants to create a game based off Poison and I’m here to beg you to please let this happen! The plot of poison would make the most epic video game if done correctly!

    Also thank you Chris for the advice on how to purchase in the way to support you the most! Congrats on your growing family!

  12. Jessica Katz says:

    Will there be an audiobook? That’s become my favorite way to “read”!

  13. Yep, released on the same date!

  14. Jessica Katz says:

    Great! But wait – in the US or only UK?

  15. Neil P says:

    Before deciding whether to opt for hardback or ebook, I was wondering if you will be doing any bookstore signings for the release?
    Looking forward to the new book!

  16. Jessica – US and UK.

    Neil – none planned right now, possibly later but I can’t say. I’ll be at MCM Comicon in London in Oct though.

  17. Benjamin A Hunt says:

    I love you Chris I guess I’m pre-ordering the hard back. I want to support you as best I can but I have this thing you are my favorite author and I have decided I need all your books in hard copy not ebook. Even though i love my kindle.

  18. Hey Benjamin, buying it in any form is greatly appreciated 😉

  19. Jessica Katz says:

    Looks like the US release date is now Sept 27, though yesterday it still said Sept 20. But there’s no mention of the audiobook on the US Amazon page; I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it shows up when the book is actually released here….

  20. Hmm, that’s puzzling. Here in the UK it shows up as Sept 20th on the Amazon US site. I’ll get somebody to look into it…

  21. Jessica Katz says:

    The book is now, as of today, available in Kindle on US Amazon, but no sign of it in audio format there or on Audible. I thought I’d ask you about it one more time before giving up.

  22. Thomas Kautz says:

    Hi Chris, do you have any idea when you will continue with the Ember Blade, part one is out now for two years. It´s so hard to wait.
    Regards Thomas from Germany

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