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2nd May!

As ever, The Book Depository is your friend if you don’t live in the UK. Free postage worldwide. Probably cheaper than waiting for it to come out in your own country.

The eagle-eyed among you who’ve been reading the comments will also note that I’ve also been asked to be a Guest of Honour at the Steampunkfestivalen 2014 in Gävle, Sweden. Highly excited am I. The festival is still being planned so details as they emerge, but any excuse to engage my steam-powered Death-Suit and rampage among unsuspecting attendees firing bolts of electricity from my Tesla Cannon is frankly not to be missed.

What have I been up to, you ask? Oh, I’ve been working on some secret TV & movie projects, can’t tell you, very hush hush etc. God, screenwriting is fun though. A much needed break from books. Things are all going to come screeching to a halt at the end of the week however, cos I’m off to Japan & China for a month to hang out in mountain ryokans, primeval forests and sweaty heaving markets. Why? Just because. Seems ridiculous given my profession, but I haven’t had a holiday longer than a week in about five years. So now I am 😛

Sayonara! See you in June!

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  1. vianey says:

    is there a movie after this book?

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