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Win a proof copy of The Iron Jackal BEFORE IT’S EVEN OUT IN STORES SQUEEEEEEE*

Yeah, what the title says! Head over to BookgeeksΒ for some badass competitionage and win yourself an early copy. Only open to people in the UK, I’m afraid, but there has to be SOME consolation for our lack of summer (again).

Go compete!


  1. How are the chances of a US release of The Iron Jackal looking?

  2. Not sure. Since we only got the finished MS done just now they probably haven’t had a chance to read it yet in the US. We shall see, I guess!

  3. Is it very wrong that I can actually *hear* that ‘squee’ in my head?

  4. Christopher Lee says:

    So sad that its not open to people in the Antipodes; i would just love to get my hands on a copy of the new book. Any idea when it will be available?
    Also, any thoughts upon mapping Vardia and all the various places mentioned in the books; illustrations of the various aricraft and so on?

  5. Chrystal says:

    I am deeply saddened that a competition will not be for U.S. people as well. Can’t wait for the release here though, especially after just putting down Havoc!

  6. @ Sarah – that’s tinnitus. Turn down your iPod πŸ˜‰

    @ Christopher Lee – It should be out in Aus and thereabouts at the same time as the UK (October). I already have a map of Vardia but I probably won’t put it in the book. The geography’s not really all that important when the characters are constantly darting from one end of the country to the other (as opposed to going by land, as in many fantasy novels), and since they spend most of their time in tiny little outposts and settlements of which there are thousands, the map would either be hopelessly cluttered (if I included them all) or useless (if I included none of them).

  7. Patrick Raraty-Squires says:

    Well, I’ve entered, very exciting! An October release seems so far away…

    On a side note, I’m trying to ween my nephew off Harry Potter, so got him a copy of Malice which he loved. Now I’m trying to get him to give it back to me so I can read it…

    Love the Ketty Jay series, keep it up!




  9. I can’t talk, I have a permanent C sharp minor playing in my ears, the legacy of standing in front of a shrieking guitar amp for 14 years… Still, could be worse… could be B flat…

  10. Christopher Lee says:

    Ok, fair point about the map; though, i just like maps, and i just enjoy being able to get an idea of the scale and overall geography, like where in relation to the Hookhollows is the Blackendraft; is Samarla on the same continent as Vardia; things like that?

    Also wondering about any plans for illustrations to depict the aircraft? Love the covers by the way, very nice.

  11. No plans for illustrations, though it’s a nice idea. But if we did have them, people would complain that it wasn’t how they imagined them. It’s the same thing with illustrating characters, etc. Everybody imagines them differently, and many people don’t like being dictated to in that regard.

    The Blackendraft ash flats lay east of the Hookhollows, which run north to south along the western rim of the Eastern Plateau. Vardia and Samarla are on the same continent,called Pandraca, and are joined by a narrow waist: sort of like the Americas, if Mexico was on the Florida side rather than California.

    I might do a map of Vardia in the next book, when the geography will be a bit more important. A map of Samarla would be pretty useless though, since so much of it is uncharted by anyone but the Samarlans…

  12. Patrick Raraty-Squires says:

    I agree about character illustrations not looking how people imagined, but I’d love to see more artwork for the ships…

  13. Jord says:

    omg i must compete. if there is anything in the world that can help relieve myself of being on the computer or making loads lego star wars stuff from random bits (I am a flipping enormously gigantic lego fan) then reading a proof copy of iron jackal can. πŸ™‚

    from an absolute wooding (and lego) fan

  14. Christopher Lee says:

    Cool, thanks for that.

    When you say you might include a map in the next book, are you refering to The Iron Jackal, or another up coming book? Instead of including a map in the books, you could always put the map up here on your site and let people print it out if they want to. That way there isn’t the problem of trying to fit a detailed map into two facing pages in the map, making the text and detail so small as to be unreadable.

    Yeah, i agree about the character illustrations, just don’t go there, its just too difficult to keep everyone happy. However, illustrations of the ships and aircraft would be great; who ever you are getting to do your covers, keep them, they’re brilliant.

    Illustrations of the ships would assist with the scale, for example, was the Storm Dog larger or the same size than the Delerium Trigger; just what does a Besterfield Ghostmoth look like, also Swordwings, Blackhawks and the Firecrow; just how big is a Mane Dreadnought compared to the Vardian Frigates – you mention half a million tons at one stage; that would place it in the same league as a fully laden supertanker! Are you familiar at all with the aircraft in Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicca (manga not film)?

    Yes, I know, i know, i’m hung up on the minor details.

  15. No, I mean the one after the Iron Jackal. And I’m only going to have a map if it’s professionally drawn, which the publishers will have to approve, because they’ll have to pay for it. I’ve seen so many fantasy books with shabby hand-sketched maps by the author and I find them laughably crap. Ain’t happenin’ in mine!

    I’m very famiiar with the aircraft in Nausicaa, it’s one of my favourite stories ever and a direct inspiration for the Ketty Jay books. But the level of detail you’re talking about would be enough to fill an RPG guidebook, and the fact is I just don’t have time. There are so many types of aircraft (and you haven’t seen half of them yet), and each one would have to be drawn by a professional artist, probably several times to make it match the picture in my head, and in the end it’d cost tens of thousands of pounds and take months. Just imagine ’em instead, it’s easier πŸ˜‰

    A fully laden supertanker is about right. Some frigates and dreadnoughts are enormous, and they carry round a lot more weight due to the amount of armour they have and the fact that people in Vardia can’t produce the lightweight alloys that we can in the modern day.

  16. Christopher Lee says:

    Yes, excellent point about a professionally drawn map; agreed, do it well, or don’t do it all.

    As for an RPG guidebook, um, yeah, no, don’t go there. Yes, i see your point about the time, effort and cost to illustrate the aircraft, somewhat prohibitive. You never know, someone might want to buy the film rights for Retribution Falls, then you’ll have to sit with graphic designers, concept artists and such to get “the look” right.

    Absolutely, Nausicaa is also one of my favorites. What’s really interesting is that I had always imagined the Delerium Trigger as looking not too dissimilar to Kushana’s aircraft. No idea if that image is any where near what you were thinking, but as you say, its just easier to imagine the Delerium Trigger in my own way.

  17. Paul Stevens says:

    hey, just wanted to say that i really enjoyed retribution falls, halfway through the black lung captain and loving every bit! can’t wait for the next one, edge of your seat, laugh out loud greatness, keep it up Chris!!

  18. David Goldberg says:

    Chris, was up all night with Black Lung Captain – I just couldn’t put it down. I was pretty bleary at work today, but it was totally worth it. Great storytelling, great suspense, great characters and love the humor. Can’t wait until October!

  19. Michael Drake says:

    I’ve enjoyed being able to go right from reading Retribution Falls to reading Black Lung Captain. I wish I could go right into reading Iron Jackel when it comes out but there’s no way I’m going to be able to make reading Black Lung Captain last that long. It’s just too good! (I’ll be ordering my copy of The Iron Jackel from the UK. There’s no way I’m waiting for it to come out in the US)

    Such a refreshing new story type, excellent character delevopment and ripping adventures non-stop. I’ve been recommending the Ketty Jay series to everyone and hope you have lots more adventures and character revelations in mind for the future. Thanks Chris!

  20. Vivienne says:


  21. Simon Densham says:

    By posting this I hope i have entered the comp.

    I was thinking is the the kitty jays name a refernce to Janes grave on Dartmoor, if it is I could pop some flowers on her grave next time im passing for you. I still remmber visting with my farther the grav and always finding flowers no matter want time of the year it was. I thought it was mystical then but now, i find it great that people still carry on showing respect and/or giving a little mystray back to the world

  22. Um, you had to follow the Bookgeeks link to enter the comp. It’s closed now, unfortunately.

    KJ is not a reference to Jay’s Grave, although it is derived from her name, if that makes sense. I just love the name Kitty Jay (which I nabbed from a Seth Lakeman song that was written about her), so I tweaked it a little to come up with a suitably feminine yet rough-and-ready name for the aircraft. But there’s no connection intended to the actual person. That said, yes, flowers on her grave would be a nice thought; no-one deserves what she got.

  23. I’m going home in October and will put some flowers there, she does deserve them. And thanks for some fun books. I live in Switzerland now and have helped a great deal when I need a to escape “Swiss german” for a few hours. It seems a small thing but a little escapisim here and there is good for the soul.

    no chance of the ” hairy hands” ship appearing?! Proably for the best!

  24. Dan G says:

    Just had to say that your ~ TALE OF THE KETTY JAY ~ series is THE BEST sci-fi I’ve read in many, many a long years of sci-fi addiction. They are storytelling the way it is SUPPOSE to be! PLEASE do keep them coming!!! (Even if us Yanks have to wait even longer for them than everyone else. . . sigh. . . LOL)

  25. Ben B says:

    Well, I won Β£25 at a game of rake last night… Will use said funds to buy the next Ketty Jay book. Or whiskey.

  26. Neil Rawlings says:

    I’m a bit behind on your novels Chris, but I feel as if i’ve… No, I know I’m reading some of the best steampunk, sci-fi, and fantasy that i can find. Flattery aside, I really do think oyu are a great writer. In fact, I’ve turned people who don’t read this knod of stuff onto Frey and his crew, and they are pulled in just as I was.
    There are a few things that i wish you would do too: the first and most prominent being a book of “fictional facts” about the world of Vardia, and aobut the ships, miachinery, daemonism, cults, and what not. That would be fantastic! – The second would most likely be included with the first, as it is a map of Vardia (thank you Chrsitopher Lee.)
    I really do hope you will continue to be as succesful in the future as you have been with me and this book. (I’m almost done with Retribution Falls) – Like I said, I’m a bit behind, but I don’t plan on being there for long!
    With much appreciation and admiration,

    Neil Rawlings
    (Near)Philadelphia, Pennylvania, USA
    College Student, writer, and Lyricist.

  27. Zero Keriu says:

    Hey Chris just wondering and not sure if this is the right place to ask lol but are any of your books being turned into films or are there any that allready have? thanx in advance, Zero

  28. Brooklyn says:

    Hey Chris.My brother called me a nerd for using the name ‘death by taco’ so I finally changed it.Anyways I just read your comment about a potential part 3 of Malice. I thought a good idea would be to write a book about the fight between Tall Jake and You-know-who (no spoilers) And I know how you hate it when we ask but is there ANY news on a Malice movie?
    Thank you-Brooklyn (no longer death by taco)

  29. Christopher Lee says:

    I’m tellin’ you Chris, the fan’s need’a feedin’!!

    I’m glad to see that i’m not the only one out there who would love to see more detail on the world you’ve created. As for films; had any interest?

  30. Laura says:

    Hi Chris πŸ˜€ it’s been ages since I posted on your site, if you cast your mind back about two years I once appeared at a signing of yours in a bright pink jumper. Anywho I’m currently at Uni and one of my module assessments is to create a 60 second visual prologue to a novel of our choice… and I’ve chosen to do a prologue for the Braided Path trilogy πŸ™‚ the second half of the assessment is to create an interactive storybook version for a tablet or smartphone (although I don’t have to do the whole novel!)

    I just thought I’d let you know I was doing it and if you wanted I could show you the finished version when it’s done. It’s only a ~student movie~ so it won’t be mindblowing but I always imagine The Braided Path as a film whenever I read it so it’s very exciting to finally get to put it into action, even on a small scale.

  31. matt says:

    hi Chris first time on your website……… my friend and I were wondering if you were going to make a 3rd book in the series of malice. here was our idea:kate goes back to malice to find her past in havoc (before she forgot). if you dont like its fine but i hope the malice series will continue!!!!

  32. matt says:

    i know tall jake is dead can there be a new enemy?

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