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SF Gateway launching soon from Gollancz

Oh no, wait, am I gonna actually have to buy an e-reader now? Thousands of out-of-print classic SF and Fantasy novels resurrected like a horde of radioactive necromorphs for the delectation of the ebook generation? I can virtually feel myself being dragged by my fingernails into the future. Damn.

Check out the Guardian article here.

And the home site here.

I offer a general round of applause to all involved *clappity clappity*



  1. Joseph Evans says:

    Hi Chris

    Since Broken Sky is out of print, would you be able to get them uploaded for Kindle and the others? I always want to recommend them to people but it’s a hard sell trying to get them buying marketplace copies.

    If you do get an eReader, have a quick glance at City of the Falling Sky (click on my name).

    You might remember me enquiring about it a while back – unfortunately I was turned down by Carloyn Whitaker, but I’m loving that authors like me can get a second chance now through eBooks.

    Your books have always been a huge inspiration to me, so if I do well you have something to do with it!

  2. James says:

    @Joseph, it would be up to Scholastic whether or not to make a digital copy of Broken Sky available, not Chris. He can ask them too, but that’s about it.

  3. Joseph Evans says:

    @James, yeah I guess you’re right. I assumed since the books were out of print Chris would have the rights to do what he wanted with them, but thinking about it probably not.

  4. It’s a relief to realise it isn’t just me resisting the pull of e-readers…

  5. Jordan Hamilton says:

    Hi Chris!
    Since the new braided path book is being released, I got to reminiscing about the story.

    The weave-whales. What exactly were they? I imagined them as the readers of the books. Kind of like an outside phantasm aware of all the intricate plots and happenings of saramyr. Sooo I guess its a bit egocentric, but I thought I was a weave-whale…. Anyways, what was your intention with them? Any insight is much appreciated!


  6. Jordan Hamilton says:

    Oh, and sarah, where can I check out your new book? It sounds interesting! If you dont respond, I’ll understand lol.

  7. @ Joseph – Yeah, what James said. It has to out of print for quite a while for the rights to revert back to me anyways. Scholastic are planning to Kindlify some of my books soon anyway; they’ll probably end up working through their back catalogue and get to Broken Sky eventually.

    @ Jordan – Not telling 😉 I know what they are, but I prefer readers to make up their own minds. Besides, I quite like your interpretation on them, which I admit I hadn’t thought of…

  8. Sorry to use your journal to do this, Chris!

    @Jordan – my stuff is published through the Black Library – first novel comes out in December – see here.

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