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Retribution Falls Kindle Edition Price Drop

As was pointed out by a keen-eyed poster a few weeks ago, Retribution Falls for the Kindle was an unusually pricey beast. So I did some chasing and pestering and my editor unleashed her Hounds Of Doom ™ from their stygian pens, and after a bit of toing and froing you’ll be pleased to know this has now been officially rectified. Ret Falls is now available at £4.99 from Amazon UK, or $8.28 in the US, or one and a half beers. So now you can read about sky pirates AND reduce your alcohol intake AT THE SAME TIME.



  1. Katya says:

    But I like my beer 🙁 Damn you…Making me go healthy.

    And I won’t be buying the kindle version. Bucause I have a Sony ereader. It’s better, as far as I can tell 😛 But don’t you worry, I’ve got them in physical form so it’s all good.

  2. Zach says:

    I have them in physical form but I am buying a kindle soon, so I will be getting the kindle version as well! 😀 So I am overjoyed to hear of the price drop!

  3. Every time somebody buys a second copy of one of my books, an angel gets its wings 😉

  4. Tida says:

    Well, I guess lots of angels will be wing-ed soon, then, because I’ll be buying new copies of at least three of your books for my mom so I can take mine with me off to college :).

  5. Thrice blessed are you, Tida. May your grades all be A++++

  6. Tida says:

    Well thank you! I appreciate any help I can get on that front

  7. Serena says:

    Question, Chris: books or e-books? just curious… 😉

  8. Books. I don’t have anything against e-books, but I wouldn’t think of buying one for at least a couple of years till everyone gets their act together, standardises formats, etc etc.

    And besides, I’ve thrown books at the wall several times, so enraged was I by their utter cosmic suckiness (or worse, when they’ve been brilliant and then deliver a crappy ending). Not sure an e-reader would be too happy about that.

  9. Jordan Hamilton says:

    Hey Chris!
    First, On-Topic:
    I bought two copies of “The Black Lung Captain”. 😉

    Now the more interesting Off-Topic:
    I recently finished reading your trilogy “The Braided Path”, and I’ve never read a masterpiece before, nor do I know the credentials of a masterpiece, but if I had to describe a masterpiece, I’d define it with that series. It was extremely well written, and incredibly enjoyable to read.

    Even more recently I’ve finished reading “The Black Lung Captain” and instantly fell in love with the crew all over again. I think if anything ever happened to one of the members, I’d be irrationally depressed. My favorite character in the series is still Harkins, Just for his “crippled-by-anxiety” hero type personality.

    (Insert terrible segue here)
    So here are some questions I have for you!
    Now, I know you’ve been influenced by Japanese animation, more specifically “anime”. So whilst reading Kerosene, I noticed on the back cover, that I THINK you are wearing an “Inuyasha” T-shirt, and from this I deduced that you MAY have heard of a series called “Full-Metal Alchemist”. Then I got to wondering, if you DID know the series, if it had at all inspired a reflection of the show with the relationship between Crake and Bess.
    I also know you’ve paid tribute to the band “Coheed and Cambria” with Trinica’s ship “The Delirium Trigger”. So, I figured this kind of thinking couldn’t be too far-fetched.

    Also! As a final note, I always wondered if you had ever considered at first, placing the cross-dimensional cat from “Poison” and the “Malice” series in Slag’s stead. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Slag, but when ever that cat comes up in different books of yours, I get a strong sense of nostalgia, and I thought it would be a really nice touch to persist with in books involving the Ketty Jay. Just wondering if it had ever crossed your mind like it had mine. 🙂

    Keep up the incredible work Chris!

  10. DING! Angel wings.

    Glad you liked The Braided Path. With the big shiny deluxe edition coming out next month, everyone who hasn’t read it yet will get another chance. Eventually I hope to have it exhibited in the Louvre, held in steampunk robot arms grafted on to the Venus de Milo.

    I think that’s probably an old Hook-Ups T-shirt I’m wearing in the pic. I hadn’t seen FMA before I wrote Retribution Falls, although I’ve seen a couple of eps now so I know what you’re getting at. There was a time when I was really into anime but it all got a bit samey after a while and I lost interest. I’ve barely watched or read it for years now…

    The cross-dimensional cat works for Poison & Malice, I think, cos they’re stories about the nature of stories. The KJ books aren’t like that. Andersen’s got better things to do than hang out with a bunch of semi-literate deadbeats 😉

  11. Serena says:

    haha, take that unnessecary technology! 😀 by the way, i doubt this is nessecary, but should you ever need inspiration (which seems unlikely somehow :)) head to, what a site. It has all the monsters and epic vistas you could ever wish fro

  12. Bluephoenix says:

    Don’t make me choose between your books and beer. I’ll turn into a frothing igit under the pressure. 🙁

    I mean, you’re my favorite author…but…but beer….is beer….

    Anywho, I also wanted to say I really enjoyed the article you posted! Thanks very much for that, it was very insightful and articulated a lot of things I struggle to explain to people when I tell them I want to write fantasy.

    Cheers to you!

  13. Steve says:

    hey there, recently remembered my lost love for the broken sky series. They were an awesome read and I was wondering what a signed collection of the series would cost me? I mean if I could just pay you for the books and have your signature that’d be great too but I’m probably going to be keeping them for memories’ sake/future children.

  14. I don’t even know how you’d find a collection of the original series; I only have one copy of each myself (somewhere…) Suffice to say they would be more valuable than gold-plated gold. They were rereleased as a bigger trilogy edition a while back, which would probably be more gettable. Sorry, can’t really help 🙁 I’d suggest you scour Abebooks and try and snag some second-hand ones if you’re after the originals…

  15. Kai says:

    Hey Chris,
    This isn’t about this post, but the only way i could find to get in contact with you. I read all of the Broken sky books, loved them by the way, but me and my friend were think they would be awsome as a graphic novel, if you were to do it or to get someone to do it please use the person that did the drawings for part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and not the person that did the drawings for the act front covers, but no offence if it was you there just not as good.

    from Kai

  16. Kai says:

    and have part 1 twice
    and part 2, part 3, part 4, act 2 and act 3 once.

  17. Tyler says:

    hi, i got hooked on your books by a relatives gift of Malice at christmas, and when i finnaly got to reading it i loved it. i am curently reading Hovoc- and i plan to buy probrably 50-75% of your 16 books i saw on this site, so this site is definetely doing you some good. 🙂

    in your definition of crashing you wrote “fiction is probably a better place to spend your time than real life is.”, which is exactly how i feel, and is why i love your “otherworldly books”.

    i am excited to see how your other books compare to malice and havoc, as they are up there with my other favorite books such as “The Edge Chronicles” and “The Bartimaes trilogy”.

    just a note for anyone else who might have read this… really? its cheaper sure, but you cant beat pages. reading off a computer screen is going to be the end of written word, and that kills me… i buy all my books in hard cover, and through reading i keep them in mint condition.

    for any demography, im 17 😛

  18. Pascal says:


    Two friends of mine have been telling me about your Tales of the Ketty Jay (well, they actually insisted that I read the books, apparently they’re that good). I am more than happy to comply, but I’m an e-book (kindle) kind of guy. I’ve stopped killing trees and cluttering my house a few years ago, and I’d like to keep it that way.

    Unfortunately, the books don’t seem to be available in Kindle edition in the US/Canada Kindle Store… Can you shed some light on this? Am I just not searching right or are they really not there? If they are indeed not available, is there any other way for me to get my hands on your books in Kindle format and get your hands on some of my money?


  19. I’ll gladly help you get my hands on your money!

    Retribution Falls is here or possibly here.

  20. Pascal says:

    Well, it says “This title is not available for customers from Canada”. Surely, your editor simply forgot to to click on Canada’s checkbox when publishing the Kindle book on Amazon, right? If not, do you think her Hounds Of Doom would still be available for a special mission? Tell her that last time I checked, Canada had a pretty large english-reading population so it might be worth a sale or two to make sure the books find their way here… 😉


    P.S. What’s puzzling is that the Retribution Falls ebook is available on the Canadian iBook Store (Apple).

  21. Hmm. I have no idea how that whole Amazon regional stuff works. I’ll see what can be done…

  22. Pascal says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait to read the books!

  23. Pascal says:

    Do you have any news on this front?

  24. Hmm. I chased it up a while ago, but I guess nothing’s been done. I’ll have another go. Sorry about that.

  25. Pascal says:

    No worries! Thanks for following up!

  26. They’re on this now. It’s a bit more complicated than just ticking the Amazon box (rights issues and so forth) but it should be sorted out within a month. Do let me know if it isn’t, and cheers for flagging it up.

  27. Pascal says:

    Awesome! I’ll keep you posted, thanks!

  28. Pascal says:

    Still no luck… Do you have any news on your side?

  29. Chasing again. Will let you know if I get anything.

    *Chris gears up to once more scale the wall of corporate apathy*

  30. Pascal says:


  31. AwayNGone says:


    I’m a new reader here in Seattle. I just read Retribution Falls and Iron Lung Captain and fell in love with the series. I had an angel wing me an eBook version of The Iron Jackal all the way from England but was wondering if and when some of your other stories might be available as eBooks here in the U.S.? I have a Nook and luckily enough technical know-how to be able to put Kindle books onto it when I need to, but so many of your stories are just not available to us here. And logging onto a European based seller like doesn’t help as the sites can determine where I am and pop up a little window that essentially says “sucks to be you, neener neener, you can’t have one.”


  32. @ AwayNGone – Some of my YA books will be out on ebook next year, probably available in the US through Scholastic, but as to the others you’ll probably have to get round the regional thing. If you’re savvy enough to put .azw files on a Nook then it should be easy enough to change your IP address or use an IP mask to make think you live in England. I understand there are ways to do it but never looked into it myself as I’ve never needed to: you can probably Google it, though *shrugs*

    @ Pascal – I’m on the Iron Jackal Canada ebook rights. Might be they’re not being released because they’re tied up in some kind of deal that’s taking an age to get negotiated. Still digging.

  33. Pascal says:

    Chris, I just want to let you know that there’s still no joy on the canadian Kindle store. I’m tempted to get the paperback edition, but this would be conceding victory to what you so aptly called “corporate apathy”…

  34. It’s all a bit of a nightmare. Hachette, the book group that own Gollancz, the UK publisher, don’t have a distribution deal with Amazon but do with iTunes. That’s being done at corporate level (fixing prices etc) and as you can imagine it’s very complex and slow. Del Rey, who own the US editions, are responsible for the Canadian Kindle market and they probably have their own legal horrors to contend with. Either that or they just forgot to activate it. Regardless, the UK rights guy is chasing them to see if they can do anything about it, but it likely won’t happen fast.

    So not corporate apathy anymore, just ridiculous legal entanglements. It’s a casualty of the whole ebook confusion as big corps try to strike deals with one another. If I were you I’d buy the paperback, as I can’t imagine I’ll be able to give you a date on the Kindle edition. Even if the guys in the US knew, they likely wouldn’t be able to give me a straight answer. Sigh…

    Anyway, I tried :-/ I’ll let you know if any new information turns up.

  35. Pascal says:

    Thanks a lot for everything you did Chris. I’ll definitely buy the book either in paperback or iBook edition. Can’t wait to read it during the holidays!

  36. No worries. After waiting so long, I hope you like it! :-/

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