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Patience, Patience

Been a while. As it stands, I’m almost three quarters through The Ace Of Skulls, and I’ve completed the frankly epic task of editing The Twilight War (which is Act One of Broken Sky for all you old-schoolers, not a battle between glittery vampire bad-boy cliches over the heart of a simpering loser with no will of her own). Not sure when I’ll get to the next two but a quick skim tells me I won’t have to do half as much work on those guys. They’ll be done eventually, at which point I’ll make all three available together. That, at least, is the plan.

Now, for all you very lovely patient people who haven’t totally flipped out yet because The Iron Jackal is still not out in ebook in the US, and apparently the Ketty Jay series isn’t available at all on ebook in Canada… I do have the answer. I just, er, can’t tell you 🙁 If you hang on juuuust a little longer I ought to be able to. I can say that they will be available, barring some kind of disaster, but I can’t tell you when, ’cause that part I don’t know myself yet. Anyway, it’s in hand. Apologies for the secrecy, but that’s the way business works I guess: slow and behind the scenes. It’s why it takes ages before I’m able to give definitive announcements on perennial favourites like:

1) Will there be a third Malice book? (I doubt it. Let’s just say no, shall we? It’s easier.)

2) Will there be a sequel to Pandemonium? (I hope so, but it’s up to the publishers.)

3) When will the movie version of (insert book here) come out? (Never, stop asking.)

4) Why don’t you make a movie of (insert book here)? (Because I don’t live in a house made of gold so I can’t afford to).

The Ace Of Skulls is taking a bit longer than I thought but is still well in hand for an October 2013 publication. Silver is just getting the final checks before it goes to the printers so that’s all ready for its May release. Woo for 2013!


  1. Lizabeth says:

    Son of a gun, this is so heplful!

  2. Hihi, så herlig:)Lukas har akkurat spradet naken rundt, iført kjøkkenforkledet, og på ferie, tok venninnen min (som er jentemamma), og kledde han opp med rosa spenne og hestehale;) Plutselig var han skremmende lik meg selv som 2 åring!Morsomt å forevige, og vise til han når han blir eldre:)Nyt dagen med hverandre!Klem Kjersti

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