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New YA Covers for Ketty Jay

Cover reveal! Cover reveal!

Follow this link to the Gollancz blog where you’ll get a look at the new edition YA Ketty Jay books. My publishers decided that a slightly younger audience would also benefit from a dose of swashin’ and bucklin’ and some light air piracy. Why let adults have all the fun?

Now panic not, everybody. The old covers (the “adult editions”) are still on sale, and the 4th KJ book will follow a similar cover format to the originals. This is just Gollancz’s way of allowing me to reach my evil tentacles into other parts of the bookstore. You may be surprised to learn that there’s plenty of kids out there who’ve read my YA stuff but never made the trek to the SF/Fantasy section of the bookstore to pick up the other stuff. Try and avoid me now, suckers!

These books are uncut and exactly the same as the adult books on the inside. If you haven’t checked it out yourself yet, you can read the Logbook Of The Ketty Jay for a taster. This is an informal prequel to the events of Retribution Falls. Very, very mild spoilers (since it talks about things you don’t find out immediately in the book), and some mild bad language.


  1. Peter says:

    oh Chris,
    please go to the forum, go to havoc section, and go into the thread i made called flaws (not that your a flawed writer not saying that at all)

    look at the top post that i made about grizzle mill, username is peterod1998

    its a really good theory

  2. Um, if you look, I answered you yesterday…

  3. Karen Carlson says:

    Oh Chris, you devious money making genius! Actually, the new YA covers are really cool! They made me squee with joy at their baddassdom. Also, I approve of the fact you didn’t change any content for the younger viewers. It would be hilarious to see the reaction of some kids reading the adults jokes. XD Amazing.

    I found the logbook by accident. It was entertaining and fun to have that little bit of extra background info.

    Stay awesome!


  4. Katya says:

    See, I dislike the covers changing after I’ve read the books, especially when they feature a person who is to be presumed to be a main character because the person looks nothing like the character I’ve built up in my head. If the covers came out at the same time as the others then fair enough.

    Now, that wasn’t a rant at the crappiness of the YA covers, not at all. I actually think that they look amazing and they bring out the inner child in me 😀 Well, I’m too much of a child already so I’m not sure I need any more encouragement…

  5. Richard says:


    Late to the thread, but late to the blog as well. My wife and I loved Retribution Falls and Black Lung Captain (read on the Kindle). We recommend them often.

    I like the new covers for Retribution Falls and Iron Jackal, but not the new cover for Black Lung Captain.

    However, I love the German versions of the covers:
    Those are fricking cool, IMHO.

    For a YA audience, however, the French covers look better than either the new English versions or the German versions:|en&

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