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New Braided Path Delayed Till July 21st

Publishing books is a complicated affair, involving lots of departments all trying to get their ducks in a row, so it’s a writer’s lot to see their books delayed from time to time. I’ve just got the news that the Braided Path reissue – a shiny shiny gorgeous hardcover edition – has been bumped back two months to July 21st. Possibly this uncertainty was why Amazon cancelled the pre-orders of some people. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks Amazon will sort itself out and allow preorders of this new edition.

Anyway, it’s a small delay and it’s for a good reason, and now you get to read it in the sun instead of the rain 😀


  1. Gina says:

    Awwww sad. I guess we can wait if it’s as gorgeous as you say. 🙂 This UK copy of Weavers will have to hold me over until then. Found one in a used American bookstore a couple weeks back, and was pleasantly surprised! Put it next to the TBP omnibus collection on the shelf. 😉

  2. Gilda Smith says:

    Hi Chris! When is the New Braided Path coming out here in US? I have been looking for copies of Book 2 and 3 here in the US but copies are not currently available:(

  3. It ought to be available in the US around about the same time, but this is a UK only omnibus so it’ll probably only be available through import dealers. Best thing is to buy it from The Book Depository which does free international shipping and is probably cheaper than buying it in the US anyway 😉 It should be available on the site in a week or two.

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